WEE : After surviving covid-19, Heavy Boy needs help from fans |

With almost three decades of career, Heavy Boy is well known on the independent circuit of Mexico City and the metropolitan area. And among his peers he is also known for being focused and hard-working. Of humble origin and affable treatment, Heavy Boy has always carried out all the tasks that his time allows, and in addition to his daily work and his wrestling agenda, He has also been a photographer and reporter for SÚPER LUCHAS.

But before getting to work at the magazine, was a pioneer among fighters who took advantage of cyberspace to interact with fans, which is now common through Twitter and Facebook. Around 2004, he and another professional wrestler, Epidemic, joined a virtual wrestling forum in which users pretended to be wrestlers, launching challenges to compete on weekly posters. A server wrote the Sunday stories (and later the Thursday reviews, when there were two weekly events), and users reacted based on their triumph or defeat. All non-profit, just fun.

And Epidemic and Heavy Boy were baptized as The Toxic Couple. And being the X-FULL Couples Champions (Foristas Unidos por la Lucha Libre), the users agreed that they had real belts, so they defended those belts of virtual origin in real arenas.

The Toxic Couple: Heavy Boy and Epidemic.The Toxic Couple: Heavy Boy and Epidemic.The Toxic Couple: Heavy Boy and Epidemic | Photo: Hidden Face.

Over time, Heavy Boy came to the writing of SUPER LUCHAS to ask for an opportunity, and became a photographer, reporter and columnist. For years he covered Arena México, AAA, Arena Naucalpan, Arena López Mateos, among many others, in addition to conducting dozens of interviews and his weekly column La Lucha se done.

That lengthy preamble is to put in context who is Heavy Boy, Well, now he needs the help of all of us.

► Difficult situation for Heavy Boy

Heavy Boy vs.  YakuzaHeavy Boy vs.  YakuzaDuplex from Heavy Boy to Yakuza in the Coacalco Coliseum | Photo by Luis Manuel Rivera.

Last June, you tested positive for covid-19, and although he was able to overcome the disease, he was left with severe damage in 75% of the right lung and 50% of the left lung. That was in addition to the previous detection of a tumor in the right kidney.

“As the IMSS was in a state of emergency due to the pandemic, it was not attending specialties, which further aggravated the growth of the tumor”, as Heavy Boy. «They sent me to appraisal with specialists, and unfortunately the endocrinologist died of covid ».

Without a relief in that specialty, the internist gave him an appointment until December 4, despite the fact that surgery was planned for November 26. And without the approval of specialists, he did not have the approval of the anesthesiologist either. And to this was added that his appointment with a tomography it was also postponed because the device broke down.

Heavy boyHeavy boyHeavy Boy at the López Mateos Arena | Photo: Eduardo Reyes.

That is why Heavy Boy decided to seek support to raise funds and attend to private specialists, it is necessary to remove the kidney. And the cost of the surgery can reach 100,000 pesos, adding to it the consultations, the laboratory studies, the medicines and other recovery expenses.

If they can support with something – whatever is good –They can do it through the Fondeadora page.

«I thank God for giving me one more day of life, and through your support I know that I will have several more, and I will have hope next to my loved ones, because I know that Heavy Boy is there for much more time. With all my heart I will be grateful for your support, especially for the opportunity they will give me.