WEE : AEW’s problem with Riho

Nobody disputes the quality on the ring of Riho, but the decision to place her as the first AEW World Champion did not benefit the projection of the company’s gladiatorial division, due to the null capacity of the Japanese to carry out promos in the language of Shakespeare; Despite the fact that the Elite still maintain a programming policy that is too focused on their male talents.

Thus, her loss of the women’s title last February seemed necessary, and ultimately, it ended up being very timely, since it occurred just before the start of the pandemic. Dystopia that has caused This gladiator has not appeared on the schedule since the March 18 episode of AEW Dynamite due to restrictions.

Dave Meltzer addressed this issue earlier in the week on Wrestling Observer Radio.

«They can bring it. The thing is, since he lives in Japan and would have to quarantine himself when he got back, it’s complicated. If I lived here I would be on television every week. They bring PAC in from time to time which is a bit cumbersome. He comes here for a couple of weeks, and then he has to quarantine himself for two weeks and then go home. […]

It would be the same with Riho, and I think, as with PAC, they have ideas for PAC to be in big fights, so it’s worth doing. But Riho, it doesn’t seem like there are going to be big fights for her, so they’ll think why put her through all that […]»

AEW's problem with RihoAEW's problem with RihoAEW

► A favorable situation for the return of Riho

But Meltzer offers news in this regard under the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter, pointing out that the recent announcement of a fair looks like an ideal scenario. Report collected in the headlines panel of

«In this week’s Dynamite, AEW announced a 16-woman tournament to decide Shida’s next challenger, who has been holding the title since May. The graphic used indicates that there is a history of clash between the United States and Japan in the tournament, which seems to fit naturally with a return of Riho.».