WEE : AEW would have a thirds championship

At the beginning of 2020, Kenny Omega seemed to anticipate the introduction in AEW of a new medal.

«Lately it has been a topic of conversation who is the best trio. For my part, I don’t want to gut anything. I only have a small share of power in AEW. I would love that eventually there is a way to determine which is the best third of all AEW.

Hey guys you know where I come from. Those things are decided in tournaments. It could be fun”.

AEW would have a thirds championshipAEW would have a thirds championshipAnthem Sports & Entertainment

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Interestingly, Omega’s words ended up looking like a preview of the agreement between AEW and NJPW. But, what do we know about the possibility of seeing said medal? This past Christmas, Tony Khan touched on the subject during a conference call with the media.

“Yes, we have discussed introducing the championship, but it will not be in 2020. If it happens, it will surely be in 2021. I have seriously thought about it. I think the cadence is there, we have a lot of great thirds […] It is something that is definitely on my agenda. And it’s something I’ve been talking about and thinking about for a long time.

Jim Ross spoke about it under the latest installment of his Grilling JR podcast, remembering that the WCW Third World Championship is a bad precedent.

«The WCW thirds title was like the kiss of Judas. It’s like you give someone a title like the cruiserweight title, because cruisers have been driven very poorly, alongside the juniorweight title. There are certain things in the world today that you will not accept.

«I sense that if AEW wants to have third-party champions, I think it will happen. I guess, I don’t know if they will, because we are very focused on the division of pairs. Adding another guy to someone’s duo is more feasible because we have a lot of teams that are getting regular exposure on television ».

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