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AEW DYNAMITE FEBRUARY 17, 2021 .— AEW’s women’s division has started to get interesting Thanks to the tournament that seeks to challenge the belt that Hikaru Shida currently wears. Last week we saw Thunder Rosa advance, while in AEW Dark other participants have shone. And of course, if 9 of them are Japanese —And Japan is by far the best women’s wrestling in the world. Tonight we will see one more match of the tournament, which will mean the reappearance of Riho, the first queen of AEW. She will face Serena Deeb. Who will advance? The AEW Dynamite share is issued from the Daily’s Place, in Jacksonville, Florida.

And while the fight between Riho and Serena Deeb it will be poetic for its aesthetic level, tonight’s program will be headed for the relentless violence of Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley. They will face each other in a threesome fight (the first, accompanied by The Butcher & The Blade; the second, by Rey Fénix and the no less violent Lance Archer).

And if that was not enough, The Young Bucks will defend the AEW World Tag Team Championship against Santana and Ortiz, who want to take the gold for the territories of the Inner Circle.

In another fight FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) will face brothers Matt Sydal and Mike Sydal, who debuts on AEW Dynamite.

“Hangman” Adam Page will team up with Matt Hardy and Private party (Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen) to face in a fight of four against four to The Hybrid2 (Angelico and Jack Evans) and The Chaos Project (Luther and Serpentico).

Hand in hand, Orange Cassidy (with Chuck Taylor in his corner) will face veteran Luther (accompanied by Serpentico).

What’s more, Sting has something to say to Team Taz.

AEW Dynamite February 17, 2021
Live coverage begins at 7:00 pm Central Time

AEW DYNAMITE coverage February 17, 2021

AEW DYNAMITE coverage February 17, 2021

Start AEW Dynamite, original series of TNT Series and All Elite Wrestling!

Fireworks and enter the ring «Hangman» Adam Page! We are ready for the first fight of the night Jack Evans is on Ringside and “Big Money” appears Matt Hardy.

► 1- Jack Evans and Angélico vs. Matt Hardy and “Hangman” Adam Page

Evans and Angélico jump on Page and Hardy, who were talking to see who entered the fight first.

Things return to normal, Hardy nudging Evans in the face and then Page with a Standing Moonsault. Hardy and Page team up with a Suplex, and then Hardy with a kind of Bombshell Blackout, though Angelico walks in and avoids the count of three.

Evans jumps from the corner, stomps in the air on Hardy because Evans had him ready to give him a Stripper. Angelico goes with everything to Hardy, but he throws right hands to the abdomen. Evans grabs Hardy on the eyebrow of the ring, kicks him in the abdomen and Evans achieves a two count.

Evans pulls Hardy face-on into the corner, then lands on him at the corner, but Hardy kicks him in the back and then slams him against the canvas.

Page enters the ring and cleans the house with punches. He delivers a tremendous Powerbomb to Angelico against the canvas, then jumps off the corner and pulls Evans off the ring brow with a right hand. Suplex for Angelico, then Iron for Evans outside the ring and tremendous Suplex in the center of the ring. Count in two.

Page attacks Angelico with a bombshell and then takes Evans in the air and throws him at Angelico to punish him.

Evans and Angelico join forces, Angelico applies a Moonsault, but the count reaches only two, he hardly connects it well and he hurts his leg, but fortunately there was nothing.

Hangman enters and surprises Evans and Angelico with a tremendous Double Lariat and Hardy achieves the Twist Of Fate on Angelico and wins the fight.

“Hangman” Adam Page and Matt Hardy celebrate for the great victory they had in a very good fight. Great way to start the night here at AEW Dynamite.

Hardy takes the microphone and congratulates Page, tells him that he looks like a million dollars and that he is excited that it is going to bring him a lot of money since he will take 30 percent of everything he does.

Page takes the mic and also congratulates Hardy, but tells him he wants someone from the Jacksonville Jaguars legal team to review that contract …

The team mascot gives him the contract… But Hardy realizes that this contract is not one of representation, but a contract to fight in the PPV AEW REVOLUTION 2021! If Page beats Hardy, he’ll take 100 percent of everything he wins in 2021.

Hardy accepts, but tells him that it will be a Big Money Match where Page must also bet money.

They both shake hands …

But Hardy tells him he’s “finished” and … The Jaguar attacks him! But the Jaguar is Isiah Kassidy, represented by Hardy and a member of the Private Party.

The Dark Order, led by -1 (Negative One) come to the rescue of Hangman Page!

Alan Angels hits Matt Hardy with everything in the ring, although he throws him out. Page tries to connect him, but Hardy manages to escape along with Isiah Kassidy, while Page laughs with the members of The Dark Order.

The Inner Circle is more united than ever: everyone has a message for Sammy Guevara, who resigned from the Inner Circle last week. Jericho sends MJF to silence, who seems to have already agreed to be the second of the group.

Jericho tells Guevara: “You are an idiot, and after a week of bad decisions, the worst was getting out of Inner Circle. Sammy Guevara, you son of a bitch, you’re dead to me.

Clearly the fourth wall is broken because this refers to how Guevara caused annoyance with Tony Khan and with people from Impact Wrestling because he did not want to be in a television story on Impact Wrestling and he got complaining.

► 2- Riho vs. Serena deeb

Serena and Riho start with a referee, the Japanese takes Serena to the canvas with a great game of surrender.

Now, Deeb achieves a strong padlock to the head and pulls the Japanese canvas flush, he turns it, this one too. For the moment they decide to stand still and start from scratch …

They measure forces, Serena with a knockdown after pushing Riho by the neck. It releases from two bowls in two in a matter of seconds.

Riho kicks Serena and throws her against the ropes. Later, Riho with Plancha sobre Serena, counts in two of past ones.

Serena blocks Riho’s 619-style tiger kick and lands a guillotine, injuring her opponent’s neck.

Back from commercials, a strong padlock around Riho’s neck, even with her own arms Serena strangles her.

Riho reacts with tremendous Suplex, both injured in the neck.

Riho with right hands to Serena’s chest, she reacts by pulling Riho hard to the other end and the fighter with Tijeras throws her into the center of the ring. Then he punishes them with knees in the corner, coverage in two.

Strong flying kicks from RIho, then he launches with Plancha from the corner.

But Serena spins in the air and seeks to kick her in the thigh. Riho kicks Deeb in the butt, then severely injures his left leg.

Good fight, but very repetitive. Finally, Serena achieves her Spinning Stripper, but the count only reaches two.

Serena, again, seeks to hurt Riho. It bites his knee, or the knee, and frees himself … Right to Serena’s chest. Trip and now the Tiger Kick.

Riho kicks Serena hard in the back, launching himself from the corner.

Iron from the corner, but the count reaches two … Serena gets out of the ring.

I should have finished this fight by now. Maybe because Riho was not seen in AEW Dynamite for a long time, they are giving him many minutes in the ring. Unfortunately, the fight lacks a lot of development, especially if it is going to be that long.

Anyway, tremendous Powerbomb for Serena, surrender key to the leg …

But Riho achieves a Roll-Up and breaks free. It counts in two in favor of the Japanese, who later achieves a tremendous Suplex but counts it again only in two.

Double Stomp from the corner to Serena Deeb’s abdomen. But the bill only reaches two.

Serena dodges a knee, but Riho avoids the Piledriver, quick cover in two. Quick counting game, until Riho manages an innovative way to cover for Serena Deeb and takes the fight.

Thunder Rosa vs. Riho, Yuka Sakazaki vs. Emi Sakura and Ryo Mizunami vs. Aja Kong are the fights of the second round of what goes in this women’s tournament.

A cartoon of the brunette Jade Cargill and Shaquille O’Neal playing basketball is shown… to heat up the fight against Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet on Wednesday, March 3.

3- “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy (with Chuck Taylor) vs. Luther

The fight begins with a powerful and fast Powerbomb by Luther for Orange Cassidy.

3. 4

Cassidy also surprises with a Powerbomb from the eyebrow of the ring towards Ringside.


Snake appears out of nowhere, behind Cassidy … but receives a Piledriver from Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy’s new maid.

Orance Cassidy with his Superman Punch and takes the victory in a totally inexplicable and super unnecessary fight. And now that?


There are just a few days left so you can support the fighter and collaborator of SUPER LUCHAS, Heavy Boy, with any amount. who is raising funds for a delicate surgery.