WEE : 5 candidates to dethrone WALTER

If I said that NXT UK has a problem with WALTER, surely readers would call it nonsense. Few wrestlers have given a WWE brand the prestige and legitimacy that the Austrian is granting to this European subsidiary of NXT, even managing to surpass what was done by Pete Dunne; until last week, the longest-running ostentatious monarch in the modern era of McMahonlandia.

WALTER is already the longest-lived champion in modern WWE history

However, the point of my assessment rests on the fact that, At such movie heights, after seven NXT UK Championship defenses, there is no credible challenger in sight for “The Ring General” to this day.. And the truth is that the trajectory of those contenders who failed has not been the same since then, perhaps only with Joe Coffey as an exception.

Then, faced with such a gap, a server wants to offer you five names as potential WALTER overthrowers in the near future.

► 5 fighters who could dethrone WALTER

Pete dunne
5 candidates to dethrone WALTER5 candidates to dethrone WALTERWwe

Although it is something already seen, it must be remembered that their TakeOver: New York rematch, which occurred a month later on the weekly NXT UK show, did not have a clean ending, as WALTER retained thanks to the intervention of Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel; being the only time that the Austrian has resorted to outside help to win a fight since competing in WWE. It may be that finally, Dunne’s destiny is to return to his favorite setting, if we take a look at the erratic trajectory that for now he stars there. No two without three, they say.

Ridge Holland
5 candidates to dethrone WALTER5 candidates to dethrone WALTERWwe

When Triple H recently compared WALTER to Brock Lesnar, Holland was last year considered a potential successor to “The Next Big Thing.” By size, his victory over the Imperium leader would look legitimate, and Both already saw each other in NXT UK last March, conjuring up a good colossus of colossi. As a result, there is some ground already paved for a new duel, this time for the coveted medal. Although we would have to wait for such a program, because we have not seen Holland in the ring for four months due to a major injury that required surgery.

5 candidates to dethrone WALTER5 candidates to dethrone WALTERWwe

I still remember how Cardiff’s Motorpoint Arena collapsed when fans realized that Cesaro was Ilja Dragunov’s surprise rival that night of August 31, 2019. If Daniel Bryan’s momentum doesn’t take its toll, “The Swiss Superman »is crowned world champion in the main cast, NXT UK should be the alternative for this veteran. His popularity would drive the show, in a resource also viable with respect to Finn Bálor. But with this it seems that already settled again in NXT, Cesaro becomes the ideal option.

Davey Boy Smith Jr.
5 candidates to dethrone WALTER5 candidates to dethrone WALTERCrazy ryan

In the last days there is talk of the return of the son of British Bulldog to WWE, and as reported by Dave Meltzer, NXT UK Looks Like Their Most Likely New Work Scenario. Smith Jr. has proven to be above any “duo competitor” label, which he had a hard time getting rid of due to his years in the McMahon Empire in tandem with Tyson Kidd and his time at NJPW with Lance Archer. And this competitive maturity would make him shine under the spotlight of NXT UK, also conjuring up a style somewhat removed from “entertainment” similar to that of WALTER.

Face Noir
5 candidates to dethrone WALTER5 candidates to dethrone WALTERiWilburnArt

With one of his matches included in my particular list of the best of 2020, the balance between character and competitive performance that this English gladiator shows makes him not only suitable for NXT UK, but even for Raw or SmackDown. Let’s hope, however, that if he finally signs with the American giant (very feasible due to his status as the current maximum monarch of PROGRESS, a promotion that can be seen on WWE Network), for his sake he will be limited to the European brand, where, of all the exposed names, it would draw the most attractive dynamic change.

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