WEE : 4 things that should happen at WWE Elimination Chamber 2021

The last stop before WrestleMania 37 is today. Presenting few fights but all of importance, the PPV that awaits us this afternoon – and that, of course, they will be able to continue minute by minute in SUPER FIGHTS – does not give space to the “filling”: in a few hours we will witness at least three main fights including two elimination chambers that will surely leave a lot of cloth to cut for the most important show of the year. These are the 4 things that should happen in WWE Elimination Chamber 2021.

But first, a quick step up the Gorilla Position! If today the best man within the demonic structure will be revealed, you will not want to miss the best of all time in the unusual ranking of the best fighters in history according to WWE.

What was the top 50 of the greatest Superstars of all time according to the self-titled DVD that WWE released in 2010? Who got the first place, and who make up the podium? Was Randy Orton really outdone by… Fabulous Moolah? Is it true that Hulk Hogan didn’t rank in the top 20? What stars were conspicuous by their absence? In what position was The Undertaker? Also, you won’t be able to believe where John Cena is!

Prepare to be outraged and wonder what WWE was thinking when he brought to light the official list of the best Superstars in history in …

The unusual ranking of the best
history wrestlers according to WWE:

Exchange of the briefcase … interrupted

The Miz

The Miz

Either very smart, or very stupid. Depending on the perspective, either way we could describe The Miz’s decision to back down from his title shot for the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber. Being one of the six participants in the battle, He chose to save his strength and not participate in the fight, a place that was assigned to Kofi Kingston.

Logic says that two chances for the title are better than one; The only way his change of plans would make sense, however, and even brilliant, if you will, would be if after a brutal fight in the giant cage, tired as rarely, the last man standing should defend the gold one again … against him. And so it should be. It should be clarified that with WrestleMania just around the corner, his triumph should not happen. And this is where the long-awaited return of “The Fiend”, who would return to take revenge on Randy Orton, and incidentally frustrating the ace up the sleeve of Mr. Money in the Bank.

No new Champions

Nia jax

Nia jax

Since its implementation, The WWE Women’s Couples Championship has suffered from a miniscule credibility at times, null by others. Whether due to the low prominence of their monarchs or the scarce exposure, the titles did not cause any interest. In recent months, being used as a tool within the main rivalries, the attention factor has not been lacking. But there is something that must be corrected.

Within the WWE cast, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler’s team is the best you can find thanks to their dominance and power, and there should be no problem in continuing to present it this way in the future. However, if each time they have to defend it they end up empty-handed, that credibility will go down the toilet. At least once, the company should vary a bit… and no new Champions!

Close a door, open a window

Asuka vs.  Charlotte targets WrestleMania 37 title matchAsuka vs.  Charlotte targets WrestleMania 37 title match

When a door closes a window opens, the saying goes. Originally, it is believed that the idea of ​​the Lacey Evans-Ric Flair union was going to be the genesis of an Evans vs. Charlotte at the Show of Shows. With the southerner announcing her pregnancy on Monday Night Raw, things will surely change. For starters, it is virtually impossible for her to see the action tonight, where she had a heads-up match for the Raw Women’s Championship scheduled.

The show must go on is one of WWE’s most famous catchphrases, and today will be no exception. Although her opponent got off, Asuka doesn’t have to be absent from the event. Another of Vince McMahon’s philosophies in cases like this is to offer something better than previously announced. We just say … What if instead of Evans, we got a certain Rhea Ripley? He would not have to win the medal, of course. Just taking the first step to a rematch with Charlotte would be enough.

The underdog and the golden opportunity



We all know how WWE operates. Without fear of being wrong, there are times when your vision can be a little… predictable. Not always, and we hope that the formula does not repeat itself today. What are we talking about? Well, let the one who believes it impossible to speak now or be silent forever Seth Rollins attacked Cesaro backstage and claimed his spot in the Elimination Chamber. The less is a possibility, right?

And beware, the inclusion of “The Messiah” in the equation would not be a negative thing. On the other hand, we refer to this alternative as something unfavorable because if there is an instance in which the scenario given for the great “Cesaro moment” is, this is it. After renewing his contract, it seems that the company has big plans for him, the perfect occasion for him to win the Elimination Chamber and face Roman Reigns later. We hold that he will no longer win a World Championship, the less it would position him well for a potential encounter with Rollins in the Showcase of the Immortals. Don’t you think?

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