Animal Crossing: New Horizons is undoubtedly one of the games of the moment, not only is it an ideal game to not let go of your Switch for a few years, but it could not land at a better time, with its cozy design and a community that is characterized for being especially kind, he is the perfect escape for a rather precarious world situation that almost nobody imagined would have to live in his life.

Now, if you are one of the many dedicated players that is getting deeper into the alternative world of your island and you want to get the most out of everything, find new designs, create your own art to introduce into the game, join a community, exchange things, trade, or simply visit other people even in a virtual space, these websites will be great for you.

Animal Crossing Pattern Tool

Known in the community for years for also being used in previous games of the Animal Crossing saga, at you have the possibility to use the online tool to create designs that you can then import into the game by scanning QR codes with the official Nintendo Switch app for iOS or Android.

The editor shows you a grid template that you can change the pattern by various presets. You have multiple tools to choose colors and fill in fields.

However, perhaps one of its best features is that of convert any image In a design for Animal Crossing, that is, you can upload a photo or illustration from your computer and turn it into a pattern to use in the game.

You can also browse through the library of patterns created by other users that you can add to your game in the same way, by scanning the QR code.


Now, although you can scan QR codes to import designs as in other Animal Crossing, in New Horizons there is the novelty that once you unlock the Little Sisters store you can have your own “store” of designs. Basically Nintendo will assign you a creator code and a code for each of the designs that you create and decide to publish.

To add these designs you don’t need to scan anything, just enter the code of another person or a design directly on the panel found in the clothing store. Designs abound and therefore there is this initiative called Nookpedia.

Nookpedia is a website created by a fan and has been adding by hand some of the best designs shared by users in the community. It has a search engine and filters the designs by type. It’s a work in progress, but a great place to find designs quickly.


A must to enjoy the game more in community is Discord, especially since the communication functions of the Nintendo itself are not the easiest to use. Now, as with everything, on Discord the servers on Animal Crossing have proliferated, and one of the first and largest is ACNH, which already has more than 100,000 users.

Although the latter can be overwhelming due to the gigantic number of people, it can also be extremely useful for exchanging items, or looking for good prices to buy and sell turnips.

If you are looking for something smaller and in Spanish, the group of Imperio Crossing, or the server of Nintenderos Animal Crossing: New Horizons ESP are a good option. Either way, you always have the possibility to create your own server with your friends.

There is also no need to recommend Reddit communities of Animal Crossing, the main subreddit r / AnimelCrossing is a good place to laugh with memes, share your experience, and within this thread you can get people from all over the world and from both hemispheres sharing Dodo or friend codes to visit or exchange things.

To that I want to add the recommendation of r / ACQR a subreddit dedicated to sharing designs to download through QR codes or from the Little Sisters store. It is much larger than the newly created Nookpedia.

Finally, I want to recommend you a small community created by a player from Spain which currently has a WhatsApp group to chat about the game and make friends, and a group derived from it only for commerce.