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Smart features and connectivity have come to the world of barbecues. Weber offers you different models with which, from your mobile, you can monitor the entire roasting process in detail.

It is well known: the person in charge of the barbecue always misses the festive atmosphere that surrounds a meeting around her. And do not think of getting lost for a few minutes, you will be criticized for a poorly cooked meal. To solve both drawbacks, Weber proposes its smart barbecues: they connect to the smartphone and, through its dedicated app, you can keep up to date with the temperature of the food, the cooking progress, if appropriate, turn around to food, etc. An exhaustive control of the barbecue whether you are by his side or inside the house preparing drinks, watching TV or chatting with the rest of the guests.

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Smart features

Through your mobile you can also configure the barbecue itself and you can enjoy a step-by-step guided cooking with different recipes and tips. Once started, as mentioned above, you have information on cooking times, food temperature, you can select your favorite cooking point, it has an intelligent timer (indicates when everything will be ready to serve), it alerts you to possible seared… Absolute real-time food monitoring to make the barbecue party a total success. From the Weber catalog on connected barbecues, we look at these two models:

Weber Spirit EX

Smart / connected gas barbecue with vitrified lid (guarantees perfect heat retention), side table, Flavorizer bars and stainless steel burners. Includes locking swivel wheels. You have all the info in this link.

Weber Genesis II EX

Smart / gas connected barbecue with vitrified lid. It has a built-in thermometer, an intense heat Sear Station to mark the meat and a Weber Elevations rack, which invites you to cook on different levels, as well as keeps food warm or can be used to toast breads. Its folding side table makes it easy to have all the accessories close at hand, while the side burner is ideal for cooking sauces or stir-fries. You have all the info in this link.

Make any barbecue smart

The Smart Grilling Hub Weber Connect accessory turns any barbecue, no matter how basic, into an advanced / connected model. Directly on your mobile phone you will have a step-by-step cooking assistant, notifications of the time remaining to serve the food, recommendations to turn the piece, etc. It differentiates foods of different types (meat, fish, etc.) and offers up to 20 hours of autonomy. More information here.

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