Weasley twins reveal not knowing which character each played

Photo: Weasley twins reveal not knowing which character each played / Via Warner Bros.

Actors, James Y Oliver Phelps who played Fred Y George Weasley on the tapes of ‘Harry Potter’, have revealed that they didn’t know which brother each played until they started filming.

The phelps brothers are among the few who can say that they appeared on all the tapes of ‘Harry Potter’ where they played Fred Y George Weasley, brothers of the inseparable best friend of the protagonist, Ron.

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The characters of the Weasley twins they were portrayed as a kind of comic figures although their stories became darker as the tapes went by. One of the recurring gags in the franchise was that people confused the brothers, and apparently it was something that transcended real life.

In a new podcast titled, ‘Normal Not Normal’, the brothers talked about the confusion they had about their respective roles, “We were talking five minutes before when we were supposed to start, we still had no idea who he was. Fred and who was George”.

Oliver revealed that before the reading table to ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone’ they approached the casting director, Janet hirshenson to clarify the doubt.

The casting director asked them if they were joking and after a 20-second discussion, Hirshenson told them that James would play Fred Y Oliver to George.

“Now we like to think that they just thought, ‘oh they didn’t get the notification of a big meeting we had with 50 people. But it was probably just Chris, David or JK Rowling saying, ‘James is Fred‘”He added Oliver.

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The Twins Weasley are some of the favorite characters in the franchise because of the strong fan base of ‘Harry Potter’ so the death of Fred in the last installment of the saga it was particularly difficult.

On the other hand, it was recently revealed that HBO Max would prepare a new series on the magical world of ‘Harry Potter’.