Wearing charms, Rihanna debuts and looks flirty in her video

Wearing charms, Rihanna debuts and looks flirty in her video | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful Barbadian singer Rihanna has shown us that she is one of those girls who are not afraid of success and that she will never stop doing what she enjoys despite the fact that she has changed her music for being a successful businesswoman.

On this occasion the beautiful woman shares us a flirtatious video in which he appears showing off before the camera in one of his newly launched products for his brand Savage X Fenty, a set of underwear with a pretty design flirtatious.

In this way he confesses that now he enjoys much more dedicating himself to the fashionWell, that had been one of his biggest dreams of all his life and now that he has achieved success thanks to his popularity as a singer, it is possible that he will remain in that activity.

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The video also shows that she is a self-confident woman with self-esteem and above all that she knows how beautiful she is showing off in front of the camera and raising the temperature of her millions of followers with her entertainment.

So far the attractive video He has more than 4 million likes and it is a number that will continue to rise thanks to all those users who reached his profile thanks to the clip and its incredible content.


Despite the great success of her company and her clothes and being inclusive and comfortable, many of her fans still want to continue listening to new music from her and make requests through comments, however Rihanna has not commented on the matter.

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But what we do know is that she will continue with the creation and design of new garments to continue dressing people with style and of course impregnating her with that winning attitude that Rihanna has in addition to being very inclusive with everyone.

In Show News we will continue to be very vigilant in case you make the announcement of a new album or song and we will also be bringing you all the latest curiosities and of course flirty images that you share on your social networks so you can enjoy them.

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