Wearing a body Elsa Jean enjoyed a delicious night

Wearing a bodysuit Elsa Jean enjoyed a delicious night | Instagram

Pose and show off your lovely figure It is something that Elsa Jean does without any shame, as she did recently in a video using a coquettish body and a jacket, both in black.

Using a filter the model, actress and celebrity in Google complete this video with a detail of some digital lenses of said filter, which surely caught the attention of some.

Elsa jean He decided to use a monochromatic style, at least in the upper part of his outfit since both clothes he was wearing were black but of different material.

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Although she is not usually quite active in her Instagram feed, she is in her stories, because she constantly gives us content showing off her beauty.


It seems that Elsa dream She was enjoying a nice night or she was getting ready to have it because it looks like she was about to go out to party, although it looks like a bodysuit she was wearing could also be a dress.

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This is because the lower part was not noticeable because the video was recorded from the torso up and lasts only a few seconds, although they are enough to make anyone fall in love.

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