Guenther Steiner confirms that they have spent all the ‘filming days’ available in 2020

Haas boss claims they are made from his factory rather than on the runway

Guenther Steiner, head of the Haas team, has confirmed that the US team will not carry out any tests prior to the start of the 2020 season due to lack of resources and predicts that it will not affect them when the competition resumes.

The last few days there have been plenty of F1 teams taking their 2018 cars, or failing F3 cars, back on track to acclimatize their drivers before the Austrian GP in two weeks’ time and to practice the new procedures. post-pandemic. However, Haas has not been one of them.

The teams have two ‘filming days’ per year with their current cars where they can roll up to 100 kilometers for ‘strictly’ commercial purposes. Steiner has confirmed that Haas will not use any of them – if they have not already spent them – and they will not test with the 2018 car as we have seen other teams.

“We will not do a ‘shakedown’. Obviously we would have to use a ‘filming day’ and we do not have that capacity. But our pilots are ready to compete and I do not think they need much training. It is not our priority to do a ‘shakedown’” , Steiner has expressed as published by the portal Motorsport Week.

Despite this, Steiner has acknowledged that teams that can test before the Austrian GP – first weekend in July – will have a small advantage. But it will be that, little one.

“It’s a bonus, I won’t deny it, but it’s not huge. Our guys are working at the Banbury factory keeping their distances while they work, so I don’t worry and we’ve already practiced the new protocols. We just do it in a garage in instead of on the track, “he acknowledged.

“If you have the money to do it, it is better to do it in a ‘shakedown’, but we have allowed ourselves to take a risk in this aspect because we have good workers who know how to deal with the situation and leave us well prepared for Austria. Could we do a ‘shakedown’ ‘Yes. Am I worried about not doing it? No, “he finished.

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