“We will make the corridor to the Real”

04/06/2021 at 7:44 PM CEST


Coach Marcelino García Toral stressed that Athletic Club “is a gentleman club” and, “as appropriate”, will perform on Wednesday the hall of honor to Real Sociedad, for the Cup title that the San Sebastian team won last Saturday after defeating in the final to the rojiblanco team.

“We have taught a lesson in how a team should suffer defeat, with a lot of pain, and we have had absolute respect. You always have to act with others as you want others to act with you, “said the Athletic coach, at the press conference prior to the league match at the Reale Arena.

The Asturian did not want to enter to assess the celebrations of the ‘txuri urdin’ team because “each one celebrates their successes as they want” and considers that they should not enter to assess “whether they are respectful or not.”

“What interests us is how we face defeat and from here on, nothing more,” added Marcelino after admitting that “they have been some very hard days” in the rojiblanco dressing room that they will not “forget for a long time”, as he does not believe that they must forget “what happened” at the end of La Cartuja.

“I am left with the feeling that it was a terrible game. Badly played by Real, badly played by Athletic and badly directed by the referee, inappropriate for a Cup final. The team that took advantage of an opponent’s error won, but it is also true that our offensive proposal was poor. To win a final you have to play better than we did, “he analyzed.

Marcelino believes that the 13 months of waiting to play this match generated a “mental and moral burden” on the two teams, which explains, in his opinion, that “For the first time in history, and it will not happen again, a team wins a final without shooting on goal.”

Marcelino assumed his “frustration at the time” due to the way in which they lost the game, but he insisted on “accepting it, without hot packs” to “provide solutions” and trusts that this “extremely hard defeat” will become “a point of departure to restart the path “towards his soccer” convictions “.