“We will lose strength if we think about casualties”

04/08/2021 at 9:13 PM CEST

Carles rosell

Girona plays on Saturday in Vallecas. A vital game, with sixth place at stake. His coach, Francisco, spoke about it today Rodriguez. He will have to deal, once again, with important casualties. The trend of this season. He wanted to remove the iron from the matter, remembering that the “important” victory last Saturday has reinforced his dressing room, also stating that regretting absences is a waste of time. “It is time to have the energy to overcome and stand up to anyone. If we think about it we will not have the necessary strength to win. Everyone wants to participate and this is what matters to me. Those of us who are, will travel with the illusion of doing a good game”.

He is left without Bernardo or Juanpe, two of the three centrals that are on the squad. “They are sensitive casualties,” he acknowledged. At the same time, he confessed that “it is logical that we will have to modify things to face Rayo and it is decided what I will do. But I will try to give the minimum clues to the rival about whether we will play with a line of four or five behind.”

The panorama, the daily bread for Francisco. He has had to juggle every day. “I’m not worn out, I promise. I’m super plugged in and that’s how I’ve been since the first day I got here. What surprises me? Of course I am, because I’ve never experienced such a situation before. I haven’t done a preseason of ten or twelve days with nine players who are gone. And many things that I have never experienced. But the team is there, competing. ” The next stumbling block, a “very good rival” like Rayo is. “It will not be the last game, but it will be the most important for us.” And he added: “I hope it doesn’t look like the crash of the first lap, they were better.”

In another vein, Girona reported that this summer it will open a consultative process aimed at club members to promote the change in the design of the entity’s shield. The new emblem, of course, will not be released until the 22/23 season begins.