Google Maps: We will have a new voice for the application that will help us | INSTAGRAM

The application will have a new update that will change your voice completely.
Google Maps will finally stop talking robotically, recently the company announced through its official Twitter account, a future update, which will have as its main novelty the change of voice of the female in question.

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The exact date on which this will occur has not been reported, but it has been shown a bit of what this new voice will be, which turns out to be much more fluent and the surprising detail is that it is perceived as more humanized.

We know that the application on different occasions has gradually improved its voice prompts, which has happened from the Google Assistant itself, who has a slightly more natural tone of speech, is the closest we have to a chat with a real human.

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Therefore, in this publication, the Google team decided to give us a taste of what this new voice will be, which we will be hearing soon and for an indefinite period of time, of course, in the Spanish language.

Although, as it can not be missed, there were users who gave themselves the task of making all kinds of complaints, mentioning that the previous voice was much better, since it showed emotion and optimism, as well as much enthusiasm that this new voice does not possess.

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So, it can be concluded that the voice, tone and cadence of the female voice in charge of giving us the directions and directions within Google Maps have been changed, likewise, the vowels no longer lengthen and everything is now much more human , clearly this allows us to make the instructions even clearer, less annoying and faster.

However, for the moment, the company has not given exact dates or other details about this new update. However, it assures us that this new voice will come after the next update is released.

This suggests that we should not take too long to start enjoying this new model of female voice in the Google Maps application.