“We will go to the end against racism”


On at 4:40 PM CEST

The president of Valencia, Anil Murthy, recalled that soccer should be “an example & rdquor; for society, he assured that with the alleged racist insult of the Cádiz player Juan Cala to Mouctar Diakhaby and the subsequent management of the situation, he took “a step back & rdquor; in that fight and said that the Mestalla entity will go to the end in the defense of its footballer.

In this Sunday’s meeting between Cádiz and Valencia, Valencia’s French central defender pointed out that the player from the Cádiz team called him “shit black & rdquor;, which made Javi Gracia’s team withdraw from the pitch, although he later returned without Diakhaby. Cala has denied that insult. “We cannot put ourselves on profile with something as serious as racism. It is time to change and Valencia CF will go to the end in support of its player and against racism. Yesterday we took a step back in the fight against racism. Soccer has to be an example for society. No to racism! & Rdquor ;, he pointed out in statements to the club’s media.

The leader recalled that the regulations “It has already changed in other leagues and now it must also do it in the Spanish competition & rdquor;. “Let no one have the slightest doubt that Valencia CF will go to the end to defend Diakhaby and fight so that these unfortunate events are never repeated. This morning we spoke with LaLiga to urge them to also go to the end in the investigation into what happened. This cannot stop there and cannot happen again with any player of any team & rdquor;, he warned.

Murthy said that what happened at the Ramón de Carranza was “a flagrant act of racism & rdquor; and that cannot be called “otherwise & rdquor ;. “Our player was the victim of a very serious racist insult by the player Juan Cala. Although he denies it, we all know how to recognize a guilty face and we totally believe Mouctar & rdquor ;, he pointed out. “This type of behavior is intolerable in football and in society and from Valencia CF We condemn any kind of racism and we fully support our player. If the example we give is that when there are no cameras anything goes, it is not the message we have to give & rdquor ;, he highlighted.

The president of Valencia said that everyone on television “could see that something serious happened & rdquor; for the players will leave the field. “The guilty face was very evident on television too,” he slipped. “We regret that after the incident there was no reaction to stop the game and that it was our players who had to stand to leave the field of play en bloc. Faced with this type of situation, there can be no inaction & rdquor ;, he regretted.

“From now on we want to see a reaction to change these protocols, to protect the vulnerable. Because if we don’t change this, let’s set a bad example for everyone. We are proud of the team’s reaction and we still do not understand why, after suffering this racist insult and seeing how the referee showed Diakhaby yellow, we had to go out to play because the regulations do not protect the victim and the team in this type of case & rdquor ;, concluded.