“We were able to score one more goal,” laments Machín

RO Pancorbo Gasteiz Journalist

The Soriano coach Pablo
Machin He was very happy, but banished the euphoria after the meeting. “I am very proud. More than the victory, but also the work and the staging of the team, “he said. “Here when you win you always have to be lucky, but we have been just deserving and we have been able to score a few more goals,” he added.

He banished the euphoria. “We have to enjoy it, but I know teams that have beaten a great one and their season has not been good, so we are going to put our feet on the ground as soon as possible. Winning here is highly commendable, but it’s only worth three points. I would have preferred to beat a direct rival, “he explained.

He praised the discipline of his own. “Our plan was clear: to be ambitious and to be very close, but one of the keys is that we needed not to give them the ball, make them run after the ball”, He explained. “At no time did we hit a loose ball and, even with 0-2, we always tried to threaten them on the cons,” he stressed.


The goals of Luke
Perez Y Joselu It “reinforces a lot” to the team. “When you enter the dressing room and you see their faces with joy, their confidence increases a lot, because of the goal, because of how they did it and where they scored it,” he pointed out in reference to his forwards. “Besides the goals, they have done an excellent job defensively Joselu pinning to Toni
Kroos Y Luke knowing to be at the limit of the offside to take advantage of his speed ”, he commented. He concluded by making it clear that “it is a mistake to think beyond the next game” because “permanence is going to be very expensive.”