Manuel Pellegrini He has been presented as the new coach of the Verdiblanco team. The Chilean coach thus returns to the Santander League, where he triumphed both in the Villarreal as in the Malaga. Not so in the Real Madrid, where he only stayed one season. Now he returns to Spain with the intention of winning again with the Betis, not in any way but playing well.

« It has been a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to come to Betis. There were contacts previously, but it could not be specified. Returning to Spain after ten years, although I have returned because I have my home here, it is a pleasure. I hope we can do the same here as in previous clubs ”, were the first words of Manuel Pellegrini as Betis’ new coach.

Regarding the aspirations of the Verdiblanco team, the former coach of Real Madrid, stated: « It is a team that has to be fighting for European instances, it needs it as an institution and it will be my main objective, to take that leap in the sports section« 

Pellegrini He has also spoken about the market, although he has avoided talking about proper names: « The workforce is changing for different reasons, for the interests of other teams, our … There is an important workforce base, surely it must be retouched in some positions, we are also in a special moment of soccer and I do not think it is an easy market, so we will see in which positions we can strengthen and which players can come out. Sometimes circumstances arise that force a transformation of the workforce. ”

Without wishing to be populist, the Chilean has not hidden that the Betis He is behind Sevilla: « We are a couple of steps down, Sevilla is fighting to enter the Champions League, but football changes quickly. I am not worried about what happened, but what is coming. And as an institution we are going to get closer to other teams in the League and it will be with the day-to-day work ”.

Pellegrini he not only wants to win again, but also that the Andalusian team play well: « I would like Betis to play well and for that you must first win. Then there are different ways to do it. My teams have always had similar characteristics, being a team that scores goals, that people come to see the team not always win 1-0 but for the greatest number of goals. Due to the characteristics of the squad we are going to try to make a winning team that likes« 

The Chilean has remembered his stay at Real Madrid, the only blur in his time in the League. Despite this, it was positive to be able to end up in Málaga after passing through the merengue box. « If they told me before arriving at Villarreal that we would play the semifinals and quarterfinals of the Champions League or we would be second in LaLiga, they would have said that I was crazy. I would have loved to play that Champions League final, when we came out second, to have won the League, then at Real Madrid, an extraordinary institution, with 96 points, was the club’s best record, but I would have liked to continue more years, win a Champions League… But it would have prevented me from reaching Malaga, we were fourth in LaLiga, we reached the quarterfinals of Champions… It is a mix between very happy with what I did but with aspirations of having achieved something more. For me, it has been to deliver the maximum in each institution. I hope to close the cycle these three years with the same objectives as you intend ”. « I will try to fulfill these three years and then renew« Added Manuel Pellegrini.

It has Joaquín

Precisely at Malaga, the Chilean had under his command Joaquin, with whom he will now meet again at Betis. « Joaquín’s career is valued by itself. At 38 or 39 years old he is capable of making differences, scoring eight goals this season. Very happy to direct it again, we had a great season together in Malaga. It brings experience, personality, joy and will be important for the wardrobe. I have no doubt that he can still contribute a lot to Betis. I am happy to meet him again, as with Juanmi, Canales with whom I was at Real Madrid … The Joaquín thing has a special merit for knowing how to stay on the front line thanks to its quality and not to the name ”, Pellegrini concluded when questioned about it.