We use it on the skin for something, do not drink Betadine

Donald Trump giving the Betadine (doctored image seen in

With regard to the response of the population to vaccines in different Western countries, Spain is being an example. We have great confidence in our public health system and the “anti-vaccine” groups are not especially strong in our bulls’ skin. Thus, in our country it would be practically impossible to see statements by a politician suggesting that perhaps “injecting detergent” into the human body was a good idea, as it did in his day. Donald trump. And it is that America is different!

For once it is good that we are not the ones who show off that old tourist slogan: “Spain is different”, and that it is the North Americans who are giving the note with pilgrim ideas such as (prepare for the latest aberration of the anti-vaccines) that to cure or prevent Covid-19 it is best to gargle with Betadine.

Indeed, this popular antiseptic (whose active principle is iodine) is highly toxic if swallowedFor a reason it is used exclusively topically, but as I say common sense sometimes seems to jump out the window, especially if so-called doctors upload videos in Thai recommending gargling with this disinfectant.

The furor over the inappropriate use of Betadine has been such that the drug’s manufacturers have been forced to publish a clarifying note on their website:

No. The use of Betadine Bucal is recommended only for the temporary relief from painful throat irritations. The use of products based on the antiseptic Betadine has not been shown to be effective for the treatment or prevention of Covid-19 or any other virus.

In fact, any doctor will tell you that taking iodine orally is not good and that there are several risks if one ventures to do so. Possible problems that ingesting Betadine can cause include nausea, blood disorders, thyroid abnormalities, acidosis, kidney failure, and in some cases it can even be deadly. Therefore, anyone who swallows a significant amount of this drug should quickly go to a medical center to be treated for possible poisoning.

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– I think there is a liberal plot to see the level of stupidity of the anti-vaccines. Betadine?

Obviously, on Twitter the latest “remedy” for Covid-19 devised by anti-vaccines is raising a wave of humorous comments. Some even seem to support the idea of ​​”covidiots” ingesting betadine, so that natural selection postulated by Darwin does its job. Unfortunately, Betadine has joined the list of other non-remedies for SARS-CoV-2 disease, including hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, bleach, and remdesivir. Anything before accepting that vaccines work!

And it is that as the user of twitter @professorsan says “it seems that we desperately need a cure for stupidity.

This last idea is going to be complicated, because as the good Einstein said: “There are two infinite things: the Universe and the human stupidity”.

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