With the release of iOS 14, we can already do one of the things that advanced users demanded the most: set a browser other than Safari as the default. We have already tested this feature with browsers as different as Chrome and DuckDuckGo. The latter is very focused on protecting our privacy, avoiding tracing and collecting our data.

How to set a default browser in iOS 14

DuckDuckGo has been one of the first browsers, in be able to be chosen as the default browser in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. To do this, we must download it from the App Store, wait for it to install and follow these steps (they are the same for any other browser, such as Chrome):

Duckduckgo Default Browser

Open Settings and go down to the section where DuckDuckGo appears and enter. We give the default browser App. We will see a list with the browsers that we have installed. We choose DuckDuckGo and close.

Open Links
Open Links

Notice that appears the first time we open a link in an app.

From now on, all links leading to a web address will open in this browser. The first time you open it, you will receive a notice in which iOS 14 will tell you that this app wants to open DuckDuckGo. There you can choose whether to accept or cancel.

You will have to give it this permission when you try it from an app for the first time. The good news is that the successive times you should not confirm it.

Chrome and DuckDuckGo ready, waiting for more compatible browsers


At the time of this writing, both DuckDuckGo and Chrome are compatible with the default browser of iOS 14. As we have seen, choosing the one we want is quite simple, although it remains in the browser settings. It would not be strange that in the future we see this setting in a specific section of iOS.

For now DuckDuckGo and Chrome browsers incorporate this function. In our tests, opening a link in any app takes you to the chosen browser. However, links that go directly to apps, as happens with Amazon products, can sometimes end up “bouncing” to Safari.

Otherwise, the experience is quite similar to the one offered by Safari on iOS and iPadOS. With the change made, we can choose to remove Safari from the home screen. At which time it will be saved to the App Library, since official apps can be “hidden” but not completely erased.

iOS 14 now available for download: library of apps, widgets and many more improvements

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 also allow you to change the default email client for another that adopts the system in this version. With these two changesThose who want to customize the behavior of these two Apple systems more to their liking have gained greater freedom of action.

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