We tested the new Wom store system and it is ideal for the pandemic

Zero contact.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to test the new Wom store system.

Called « Retail X », they point to a much more online-based experience, with lockers and an architecture that allows almost zero contact.

My in-store experience lasted no more than a minute, timed. You buy online, they notify you when your order is ready and they pass you a QR code via email.

You approach the store you chose, when you enter you are directed to the lockers, you scan, the corresponding door opens, you remove your product and leave, you did not touch anything other than what you bought and the flow of people remains high because it is brief.

This in case you have « showcased » online, because if you want to see things inside you can also, via digital brochures.

The idea is not to have lines and to enhance online attention, streamlining various processes that previously required being there and that had many more steps.

From the company the Vice President of Sales of WOM, Andrés Ok, says:

Innovations like these help us to protect the safety of both employees and customers, optimizing waiting times, through e-hosts or totems, which will allow us to manage the queues inside the branches, in an agile and efficient way. safe.