we tested the 200-horsepower sports SUV

The 2021 Ford Puma ST is the entry ticket to the SUV world of the Ford Performance label. It has a specific set-up and a 1.5-liter three-cylinder engine with 200 horsepower. Its starting price in Spain is 34,000 euros.

The Ford Puma ST 2021 is the new model that raises to five those conceived by Ford Performance. It has a lot in common with one of them, the Fiesta ST. The rest of this set of special vehicles from the Oval are the Ford Focus ST, Ford Mustang and Ford GT. Obviously, it is the most capable version of the Ford Puma, a model that we tested at with the 155-horsepower gasoline engine.

Today it has no clear rivals in the segment, since the Volkswagen T-Roc R is superior in terms of power and considerably more expensive. The future Hyundai Kona N will come to reach this void.


The measures of Ford Puma ST They are 4.23 meters long, 1.81 meters wide and 1.53 meters high. His battle is 2.59 meters. It is slightly longer than the other versions of the model because of the specific parts it includes.

Aesthetically it is easy to recognize the Puma ST. Its front features a glossy black grill with the logo ST on its left side. Under the bumper there is a black splitter with the inscription Ford Performance. According to the firm, it improves aerodynamic support by 80%.

Both the roof and the rear view mirror housings come in black.

The 19-inch wheels are standard, and through them you can see the red brake calipers. The wheel arches are wider than in the conventional model.

At the rear there is a spoiler on the roof, the inscription ‘Puma’ on the boot door in black, an air diffuser and a double exhaust outlet located on the right side of it.

Ford offers the Puma ST in Spain in green, gray or black.




The sporty touch of the exterior of the Ford Puma ST 2021 moves indoors. For example, it has a specific steering wheel with the inscription ST in its lower part. The steering wheel rim is thick and pleasant to touch. Among the physical controls of the central spokes is a specific one with the letter ‘S’ to change to sport driving mode.

The seats are Recaro serial. They are not quite ‘bacquets’ but they fulfill perfectly in terms of grip even when dynamic driving is carried out. In addition, at no time do they become uncomfortable, something that is appreciated when you have to complete many kilometers.

Behind the wheel there is a digital dashboard 12.3-inch standard. This varies as the driving mode is changed.

The screen of the multimedia system is 8 inches. This is the Ford Sync3 and is compatible with Apple CarPlay Y Android Auto. Under the screen there are a series of physical controls, and further down still others to operate the climate control.

In front of the gear stick is the wireless charging surface for mobiles. When used, a warning is lit on the multimedia screen.

The pedals are made of aluminum.

The boot capacity of the Puma ST it is the same as the rest of the models, 456 liters. This figure includes the double bottom with drain, a solution that allows it to be cleaned with water without a problem as it can be drained through it. It’s called Megabox and by itself it offers 80 liters. If the rear seats are folded, something that can be done in the 60:40 ratio, the cargo volume rises to 1,216 liters.



The standard equipment of the Ford Puma ST 2021 It comes standard with items such as heated front seats or steering wheel and the Bang & Olufsen audio system with ten speakers. The tinted rear windows or the keyless opening system also come without extra cost.

Between the security systems that come standard are some such as the involuntary lane change alarm, the driver fatigue warning, the braking and hill start assistants, the frontal collision warning, the traction and stability controls or the LED headlights.

The Tech package It has a price of 1,300 euros and includes systems such as adaptive cruise control, the rear view camera, the blind spot detector, the vehicle detector when reversing or the front and rear parking sensors.

The Performance package requires the payment of 1,000 euros more and includes the limited slip differential and the ‘Launch Control’.

The gate with electric opening is another extra that costs 450 euros.

The panoramic roof is priced at 1,000 euros.



The Ford Puma ST 2021 equips a turbo engine EcoBoost 1.5-liter gasoline with three cylinders and 200 horses of power with a maximum torque of 320 Newton meter.

It is available with a six-speed manual gearbox and front-wheel drive.

It reaches a top speed of 220 kilometers / hour and accelerates from 0 to 100 in 6.7 seconds.

It is the same engine as in the Ford Fiesta ST, with the same configuration and power. The Puma ST squeezes 30 Newton meters more torque out of it, but the Fiesta ST is slightly faster, completing 0-100 in two tenths of a second less.

It is optional a LSD limited slip differential in the front end designed to minimize understeer and, therefore, improve cornering. This works in conjunction with torque vector control, which applies braking force to the inner front wheel to make the car more stable.

The torsion bar on the rear suspension is 50% stiffer than on the Ford Puma original and 40% more than Ford Fiesta ST for greater stability. It combines specific springs with Hitachi double tube shock absorbers, with shock stops prepared for high loads on the suspension.

The address of the Puma ST is configured to be more direct than in the case of the ST party.

The weight of the car is 1,358 kilos.

The braking system incorporates larger discs than the conventional Puma. The front end is about 325 millimeters and the rear 271.




* In development


The Ford Puma ST 2021 is available in Spain from 34,000 euros with 3,250 campaign.



We attended the national presentation of the Ford Puma ST.

Presentation of the Ford Puma ST.

The date of the presentation of the Ford Puma ST is confirmed.

They hunt the test Ford Puma ST at the Nürburgring.

Ford unveils the first teaser for the Puma ST.

The new Ford Puma ST will be presented throughout this year.

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