we tested Nvidia GeForce Now for iOS

After being available on computers, Android phones and Chrome OS, Nvidia has finally adapted its streaming game platform for the iPhone and iPad. And you don’t need to install anything since GeForce Now launches on Apple mobile devices through the browser. And we have already tried it.

It was anticipated by rumors, and today was finally the day that Nvidia released GeForce Now for iOS. With a huge list of compatible games, and a huge number of AAA titles for PC, the streaming gaming platform allows enjoy those that anyone has bought in stores like Steam, Epic Games Store or Ubisoft. This implies that it is possible to play WatchDogs Legion on the iPhone, or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, two of the most striking games of the last month. And it is super simple.

Without installations, GeForce Now is on the web

GeForce Now on iPad

Nvidia has decided to circumvent the restrictions that Apple imposes on the App Store by moving its execution platform in the cloud to an environment that Apple does allow: the web. In this way, and by simply installing a web app in the form of a direct access, GeForce Now users can enjoy their library on devices that were previously banned. In this way. Nvidia completes compatibility with most current devices.

Oddly enough, it is possible play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla with ray tracing and 1080p graphics without the need for installations and without turning the iPhone red hot. Of course, you need a good Internet connection, whether it is mobile or WiFi. And be very careful with the data rate, which GeForce Now drinks the gigs.

To play Nvidia GeForce Now games on an iPhone or iPad, you must perform the following steps:

Access the GeForce Now web page.
Share the page from the Safari icon and save the link to your desktop with ‘Add to home screen‘.
Click on the icon that has been created on the desktop and you will launch the Nvidia GeForce Now web app.
Log in with your account and you will have access to your library of added games. Then you can open the one you want or add new ones.
You need to connect a game controller to your iOS device. For example, the one for PlayStation or Xbox.

The web application interface is very similar to GeForce Now software for macOS. Grid with the private library, games that can be added to the collection, launch of titles by clicking on the ‘Play’ of each game and, in our experience, execution in the correct cloud with a graphic quality in line with what was experienced with GeForce Now in Android or on the Mac itself.

Great gaming experience

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on iPad thanks to GeForce Now

There are not too many differences between running native games and streaming GeForce Now beyond the requirements of use an internet connection with sufficient capacity: starting is simple, compatibility with the controls is not a problem and, although it is not the most comfortable, the web app offers touch controls on the screen so that you do not need anything other than the mobile or tablet. This usage is not stable yet and does not work with all games.

The great advantage of GeForce Now is that you do not have to buy games twice since the ones you already have for your computer will work for you. What Nvidia does is put at your disposal a powerful server in the cloud to transmit the video by streaming. The latency that we have experienced during the tests is somewhat higher than in the Shield TV, for example, but it could be a consequence of the initial tests. We have also suffered some pattern and frame drop.

We’ve been testing WatchDogs Legion, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and Death Stranding on the iPad with no noticeable issues beyond the aforementioned connection issues. The interface of the web app is perfectly adapted to iOS without being noticed at any time that it is not a native app. Y the PS4 controller used did not feel laggy, at all times the response of the game was almost as if it were running on the mobile device.

WatchDogs on GeForce Now, iPad

The advantages are notable, although the service also has its drawbacks, all washed away by the very nature of Nvidia GeForce Now. The main one is the hassle of setting up the library: you have to manually add the game and record the login details of the place where it was purchased. Nvidia provides a virtual keyboard to facilitate the task. And it is often essential repeat session data even despite having saved the credentials.

Virtual touch controls on iPad

By default Nvidia adjusts the ideal parameters for each user and account, but the most complete are not always marked (ray tracing, for example). Our recommendation is that you enter the web app settings and manually configure your connection to 1080p, 60 fps and the maximum number of bits.

GeForce Now Settings on iOS

During the games the quality can drop, this is inherent in any streaming service. Also, you should take into account the limitations of the subscription: you will have one hour of play if you are a free user and five hours if you pay the Founders. You can always reconnect, the service will notify you before leaving the game.

Perfect for playing AAA anywhere

Nvidia GeForce Now is a worthwhile service if you have a collection of compatible games. It is even recommended acquire them only to play on the platform, is almost the same as playing them on a PC (saving the distance between local execution and in the cloud). And without having to update it since Nvidia takes care of everything.

Having the streaming platform available on iOS is excellent news and an advance for other services to arrive, such as Google Stadia or Microsoft Game Pass. You can open a free account or opt for the Founders service: you have all the information in this link.