The confinement to which much of the world’s population is subjected has limited visits to the beauty salon, if you have planned dye the hair at home, avoid making the most common mistakes.

Do not read the package instructions. This simple step, ignored by many, can be decisive in the final result. Although it seems obvious, follow the directions Packaging may prevent you from making certain mistakes before, during, and after applying the stain.

Wash before applying the dye. This is one of the most recurring mistakes. Specialists recommend not washing your hair on the same day that you plan to apply the dye so that the hair’s natural oils help fix color.

Most common mistakes when coloring hair at home

Choose a shade different from your natural color. If you plan to make a drastic change of image, the safest thing is that you need to bleach your hair, in this case it is advisable to go to a specialist, otherwise avoid using dyes two shades lighter or darker to your original color if you want a more natural look.

Excessive washing. If you are one of the people who uses to wash hair every day and up to twice a day with hot water, you run the risk of losing hair coloring in less than the estimated time. Also this practice mistreats and weakens your hair. The recommendable thing is wash every three days a week with cold water.