We suffered in Monza for the 20 horsepower

For Ferrari, the dreaded Italian Grand Prix finished with a fourth place for Charles Leclerc and a sixth for Carlos Sainz, which could be considered a loot of positive points, if it were not for the unexpected 1-2 obtained by McLaren, which was helped by the accident between the two championship contenders. .

However, there are factors that cannot be forgotten, such as the fact that they were widely exceeded at top speed. Qualifying Friday Valtteri Bottas achieved 347.9 km / h in the speed trap at Monza, while Leclerc It was 10.2 km / h apart; Sainz a 12 km/h.

That same power was present on Sunday on the straights of the temple of speed, a factor that left its pilots defenseless against the Mercedes engines, and even against the Honda.

“You could see the 20 horses of difference with respect to the others,” he said. Mattia Binotto, Italian team manager at the end of the race.

“We know, they are there, but that should not make us lose our morale because we are working on it for next season. We must not lose confidence, on the contrary. We have to work towards next season and we are already well on our way. We had a solid race, everything went well. In general, everything was positive ”.

Despite the result obtained by McLaren, Ferrari minimized the damage in the constructors’ table and there is barely a difference of 13.5 points against those of Woking in the fight for third place.

“From the point of view of the constructors’ classification, Italy is certainly not a good result, but initial expectations must also be taken into account,” says the manager, recalling that he warned they expected a difficult race at Monza, not like in 2020, but difficult.

“In terms of race pace at the end we always managed to be pretty close to the winners, so that’s the best aspect of the weekend.”

“Fourth and sixth is a decent result. Congratulations to McLaren, because today they had their piece of the cake, so well done for them.”

“We were vulnerable on the restart after the Safety Car, they overtook us and I would say it was something we expected because we know that top speed is our weak point, as is power.”

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But Binotto does not consider that McLaren’s triumph is the sentence to lower his head and no longer think about fighting for the last seat on the podium of the constructors’ cup, because just as Monza adapted to the papaya-colored car, others will arrive for those from Maranello .

“The current result may not be relevant. It is not certain that from here to the end there are no tracks where we can do better. We always do our best, but there are some clues that we especially have. We will succeed and we hope to do well. “

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