We speak with Carlos Alcaraz from Umag

Carlos Alcaraz placeholder image keep advancing with an iron fist through the ATP Umag 2021. Many could have predicted greater pressure on the shoulders of the Murcian: after all, it is his first time in an ATP tournament as a seeded player, and the players that he had ahead of him at his start in Croatian lands are behind him in the ranking. Despite the discomfort in his right arm and the cumbersome bandage that he has shown in the first two games, Carlos’s tennis is increasingly aggressive, more explosive, and the victories begin to accumulate.

Today, Alcaraz knocked down Andrej Martin with sovereign ease and Breakpoint He was able to speak with the Murcian player not only about the match itself, but also about issues that concern his growth as a tennis player: his tactical evolution and its offensive intent and where do your plans for the future go when organizing your calendar. A pleasant talk in which the tennis player from El Palmar left the following reflections:

Today’s victory against Martin and spectacular level shown

“Honestly, I started a little more nervous than I had to, but if I have learned something with everything that I have already played and with all the experience that I have gained, it is that at some point I was going to catch the rhythm of the game and I was going to feel more myself in the game. Little by little I got better feelings, I felt better on the court, more myself. In the end I was very comfortable, with myself, it was a very complete game, with very good feelings. enjoyed like a child on the track. “

Are you taking steps to become an increasingly offensive player? (Today he broke his rival’s serve up to six times)

“Being aggressive is something that I am trying to do in every game. I try to control the game, I try to make things happen for me. I want to be the one who dominates the other, the one who dominates the game and not the other way around. Obviously, a game is very long and there will always be situations where you have to run and defend. There are times when you have to put more ball inside, wait for your opportunity, and at other times the opportunity comes first. That’s something I’m improving and working on as well: knowing how to differentiate when it’s time to attack first and when I have to wait for the opportunity. “

Schedule for the remainder of the season: are the Challengers over?

“With the ranking that I have now I will try to play less Challenger and focus on ATP, Masters 1000 and Grand Slams. Right now I think I can enter all the ATPs, in the face of some Masters 1000 I will have to play previous phase. But hey, in the end all games add up. Right now I want to measure myself against the best: that’s really where I want to go. “

Quarterfinal match against Filip Krajinovic

“Krajinovic is a great player, he has been playing very well. He made the final in Hamburg, a 500 tournament. How will I put it forward? I’m going to enjoy myself. My goal is to enjoy: the game, the fact of being able to play against him, to keep improving and above all to go out there to be myself. I want to be myself and enjoy as I have done today, try to dominate: if I do all that I think things will turn out well.

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