Recently WhatsApp began preparing the arrival of animated stickers to your application. It did this by adding the support to be able to see them in the beta versions of its applications, but for this you first had to have received an animated sticker. This meant that almost nobody could see them and we had to be guided by the samples that people like WABetainfo showed us.

Today the beta WhatsApp applications have been updated and finally they have added their own package of stickers, which has meant that we can download it and show you how it works.

animated stickers for whatsapp

How animated stickers for WhatsApp work

With the new update, when accessing the sticker area we will see a new one appear under the name “Playful Poyimaru“, Which is distinguished from the rest by an icon next to it in the form of a play button.

This new sticker pack, unlike the rest, with animations on its stickers, which incidentally stars a fun yellow chick.

If you are in betas on Android or for iOS, when you download the pack you can send stickers as a movement to your friends. That if you have to take into account that these they will only see the animation if they are in the same beta or higher since otherwise they will see it as static stickers. Here is a sample of what the new animated stickers for WhatsApp look like

Something that we have also verified is that although we have used the Android application, in our case Animation is also shown in web versions and in the Windows 10 desktop application. Again for this you must be in the beta in the mobile application for it to work on the web and desktop.

At the moment in the public version it is not shown, but hopefully it is something that will not be long in coming.

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