we remember one of the best consoles of all time

It’s also the anniversary of F-Zero and we haven’t had a new game in the series for a long time.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

On November 21, 1990, Nintendo launched the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, which changed the world of video games and starred in the first major rivalry in the industry with SEGA and your Mega Drive. The SNES gave birth to many of the great sagas that carry with us a whole lifetime and we want to remember her today on the day of her birthday.

Makes fair thirty years SNES launched in Japan and was such a success that units flew out of stores in just a few hours. I arrive accompanied from Super Mario World and the first F-Zero. These games are also years old today and, especially, it hurts a little will remember F-Zero, since we have already 17 years without any video game of the races of spaceships in Europe (16 in Japan, since there it left in 2004 F-Zero Climax).

Super Nintendo Entertainment System image

SNES came to Spain in 1992 and, as we said, he starred alongside the Mega Drive in what at that time was already called the “console war”, to the point that Sonic was born to compete against Mario. Regardless of this, the console had a very good catalog and also received games cult third party, like Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger or Street Fighter 2.

Such was its success that Nintendo released the mini version of the console, which of course sold out in a flash. The players wanted to remember that time and this version was a success. The SNES Mini earned a deserved place in our top of the best retro consoles.

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