The American division of the Great N has published a statement with its official position after the death of George Floyd.

Protests continue in the United States following the death of George Floyd, with numerous protests throughout the country.against racism. In these moments of socio-political instability,Nintendo of Americahas released an official statement on behalf of the company to show solidarity with the black community andshow your rejection of racial prejudice.

Nintendo shares the suffering it feelsin the United States after the tragic death ofGeorge Floyd, and we stand in solidarity with the black community and all those who recognize our common humanity andthe fundamental belief in equality and justice“the Nintendo statement shows.”We reject prejudice, exclusion, oppressionand the violence that results in these completely unnecessary deaths. “

We are committed to promoting equality, inclusion and diversityin all aspects of our business and the work we do, “concludes the Great N. Since last Monday, the video game industry has turned tothe black community, where the most talked about has been the postponement of the PS5 event to allow other voices to take center stage, which had the support of the Xbox team.

For its part, IGN is behind the start of the Summer of Gaming until day 8, and its partner company, Humble Bundle, has created a $ 1 million fund to publish black developer games. For the moment,Nintendo has not announced any further actions.As an accompaniment to its statement, although some sources comment that the company will be doubling the donations made by its employees to the cause without having announced it publicly.

More about: Nintendo, Racism and George Floyd.

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