“We need more, and not less immigration of people who contribute positively to society”

LONDON, July 29, 2021– (BUSINESS WIRE) – Henley & Partners, in the words of its president, Dr. Christian H. Kaelin, affirms that the significant global expansion of investment migration, whereby wealthy people invest in other countries to acquire the residency or citizenship, it is simply unstoppable. Speaking at the The World Ahead Gala Dinner hosted by The Economist in Athens last week, Dr. Kaelin stated that every country in the world has realized the importance of residency and citizenship in attracting citizenship. much needed foreign direct investment, debt free capital, talented entrepreneurs and seasoned investors.

Regarded as the pioneer and one of the world’s leading experts on investment migration, Dr. Kaelin shared the stage with Ireland’s Finance Minister and Eurogroup President Paschal Donohoe and Greece’s Finance Minister Christos Staikouras, at the annual event to discuss with government and business leaders about the year ahead.

Driven further by the need to remedy financial difficulties in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic around the world, Dr. Kaelin noted that more and more countries are offering investment migration programs or introducing new options in order to attract highly sought-after talent and capital to support their economies and strengthen their ‘sovereign equity’. Dr Kaelin coined the term ‘sovereign equity’ in 2019 in Davos to describe the ability of investment migration to equip nations with sustainable investments in a relatively short time without increasing debt and thus Thus, putting a burden on future generations, while gaining highly skilled and experienced entrepreneurs and investors as new residents or even citizens.

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Dr Kaelin stressed that, especially in Europe, there is an urgent need to introduce much more positive migration policies to manage the global refugee crisis constructively, while attracting investors and international talent. He recognized that while it is a political challenge, it also represents a huge opportunity for the EU. “We need more, and not less immigration of people who contribute positively to society,” he commented to the attendees.

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