We have said this until weary. Martin Scorsese is one of the greatest figures in cinema With a trajectory of more than almost 50 years and a film repertoire that, for the most part, has become a benchmark for the history of cinema and future generations. Scorsese is a genius with a lot of eyebrows and many stories to tell.

So it is not surprising that during the quarantine that the world has undergone to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, Scorsese has decided to film a kind of short film about his experience in this lockdown at his home in New York City. Just as they read it: Scorsese was filmed locked up in his house for the BBC.

It turns out that BBC Two has a series called Lockdown Culture With Mary Beard where Mary Beard, a renowned researcher and academic, makes some extremely interesting reflections on the social and cultural contexts of the pandemic and its relationship to creativity in a period that invites reflection and creation.

And as part of this series, is that Martin Scorsese was filmed to talk about his experience, where “we see him at home, thinking about confinement through the lenses of classic films like Alf The Wrong Man’ by Alfred Hitchcock “Beard said. So get ready for a Scorsese by being thoughtful through cinema … and not just any kind of cinema: but classic.

‘The Wrong Man’ by Alfred Hitchcock in 1956. 7 Filmaffinity

“What I am looking for in the future is to take with me what has forced me to learn under these circumstances. That is essential. The people you love Being able to take care of them and be with them as much as you canScorsese said according to Variety.

The delivery of Scorsese this Thursday May 29 on BBC Two. The channel is not available in Mexico, But you can see the agenda and the program when registering in the following LINK and when acquiring a license to reproduce them. Yes, it’s kind of complicated, but Scorsese is worth it.

In this program, which comes to an end with the delivery of the New York director, also He developed interesting talks with various directors and film experts such as Lee Daniels, who reflects on the opportunities that will come with the directors from this closure. Don McCullin and Deborah Frances-White will also be on the agenda.

In 2019 Martin Scorsese returned to the big leagues of cinema with The Irishman, the adaptation of the novel I Heard You Paint Houses about Frank Sheeran, a member of the Russell Bufalino mafia and who assassinated Jimmy Hoffa, a powerful union member in the United States. The film stars Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Harvey Keitel in the leading roles.