“We must change the collaborators of the Middle Ages”

It is clear that the Rocío Carrasco’s story is serving not only to tell his testimony and reveal many lies from years ago in the world of the heart, but also to make many women speak out against gender-based violence. And the last one has been Antonia Dell’Atte, who has rescued what lived with Alessandro Lequio to deny the statements made by the count in The Ana Rosa program.

The collaborator’s opinion made Rociíto will compare him with Antonio David with the now famous phrase “dog does not eat dog”, to which he replied that he had never been reported and, therefore, convicted as an abuser. But Antonia Dell’Atte only needed a few hours and a few documents to disprove this claim.

The Italian model sued her ex in 1991 for “physical and mental” abuse, complaint that he withdrew to protect his son. However, later it was he who sued her for libel and slander for calling him an “abuser”, but the judge ended up agreeing with her.

But with the testimony of Rocío Carrasco fully topical, and after having fired Antonio David immediately Although the judge did not find him guilty or innocent, the former MasterChef Celebrity candidate does not understand Why do they still have Alessandro Lequio on Telecinco when he has been condemned.

Antonia Dell’Atte She has been using her Instagram account for days to talk about gender violence, asking all women to speak out against this scourge. But also has highlighted how bad they seem to him “the accomplices of the abuser”Those who have even called her a “liar” on television for saying that what she was saying was not like that.

This Tuesday, the model wanted to explain why pointed, in particular, to Maria Teresa Campos, Ana Rosa Quintana and María Patiño: “María Teresa Campos said: ‘An abuser will not be in my program.’ You have had him by your side, despite a communication from the lawyer where he admitted to the judges that he had mistreated me […] You have covered up the truth“.

Ana Rosa QuintanaAt Antena 3 we started the fight against gender violence together. You used me, you are sitting next to an abuser who has abused me“, he continued explaining in a video.” And you, Maria Patiño, you know why? Because although you have had the sentence, you have called me a liar. All the misogynistic press who attack women have lied, you called me a liar and crazy“.

“He is still on television, the abusers and the machistas are quietly more handsome,” he argued. “There are fantastic parents you don’t give a voice to. You have to change the template of collaborators who live in the Middle Ages and who attack women “.

Thanks Mediaset for having admitted that you have an abuser in your chain“, has concluded, because this Monday Save me dealt with the subject and showed the sentence in which the judge condemned Alessandro Lequio as an abuser.