It is ten years since the World Cup of the Spanish Soccer Team

Fernando got caught in the World Cup final at Silverstone

Next July 11 marks the tenth anniversary of the first World Cup of the Spanish Soccer Team. For this reason, the national team wanted to celebrate this moment by asking various personalities what they were doing and how they lived when Spain won against the Netherlands. Fernando Alonso opens a series of videos.

In addition to being a pilot, Fernando has been a great soccer fan since he was a child. That is why the Spanish Soccer Team has selected him to open a series of videos that celebrate the World Cup in South Africa, which marks a decade this year.

Fernando was a goalkeeper at school and shared the passion of soccer with his father, who showed him one of the great moments of Spanish soccer, the 12-1 of Spain to Malta in the qualifying match for the 1983 European Championship. The Asturian did not He was still born, but he discovered that memorable match thanks to his father.

“My first memory may be around 12-1 in Malta. I followed soccer with my father. I was a goalkeeper at school, so Arconada, Zubizarreta, Buyo, all the people who were in goal are my first memories as a child, “shares Alonso.

Throughout his life as an athlete, Fernando has supported the National Team, which has meant being on the circuits of his team when there was an important game. For example, the 2010 South African final, where Spain won its first World Cup, Fernando lived in the Ferrari motorhome at Silverstone.

“Then, at the World Cup we won, I was at that moment in Silverstone running the British Grand Prix and just the South African final that we were running that Sunday we saw it in the Ferrari motorhome with a group of Spanish journalists and there we lived the World Championship “, he adds to finish.

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