“We live in a very elusive society”: Claudia Ramírez – El Sol de México

A week after its premiere, the series Who Killed Sara ?, became one of the most viewed Mexican productions on Netflix, leading the list of preferences in 37 countries, including the United States, Belgium, Morocco, Sweden, Luxembourg and France.

Among the keys to its success is the fact that it brings to the table issues such as female freedom, homosexuality, intra-family conflicts and illicit businesses, which reflect some of the problems facing today’s society.

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For this reason, Claudia Ramírez (who plays Mariana Lazcano, the matriarch of the family) is happy that the public turns to see projects like this, because she considers that it confronts people with reality, without losing sight of the objective of entertaining them. .

“We live in a very evasive society, that’s why people prefer to avoid all the conflicts that we have on a social and political level, and say ‘I’m fine in my little nucleus, in my little bubble, why do I conflict or worry? Why did you look for problems for me? ‘ That is terrible, because passivity has led us to be the society we have, “he told The Sun of Mexico.

Who Killed Sarak? Follow in the footsteps of Alex, a young man who is accused of the femicide of his sister, and after serving an 18-year sentence, he is released from jail and goes in search of the real murderer, in addition to planning a revenge against the Lazcano family, who were responsible for putting him in prison.

The actress stressed that it should not be lost sight of that it is a fiction, but she feels very satisfied to have achieved a final product that has different readings and makes the viewer reflect.

“Entertaining means having fun, making people think, but it is not the main objective. The main thing is to have fun, but if with that you can confront people, great, how good. Confronting ourselves with what we are as individuals, as human beings, that seems tremendous to me, ”says Claudia.

Given the success that the latest Mexican series have had on Netflix (such as Control Z, Dark Desire and La casa de las flores), and the good reception that the work carried out in the country has had in the film industry, Ramírez launches an invitation to the public to take a look at everything produced here and see for themselves that we are at the height of the international market.

“There are incredible things, in cinema we have always been a watershed. At festivals there is always a film that represents Mexico, and that is a source of pride. There are series that are doing very well, regardless of the fact that it benefits us all, it seems to me that it is a very worthy product (Who killed Sara?), And that it is being repeated in so many countries in the world, that also fills me of pride ”.