Ricky Rubio acknowledged that players like Pau Gasol, Dirk Nowiztki, Tony Parker or Emanuel Ginobili have been key to « open the way a little » to other players from outside the United States and make sure that now that « international basketball is growing a lot » and have a relevant role in the NBA.

07/28/2020 at 12:21



« International basketball is growing a lot and I think we have to thank players like Dirk Nowitzki, Tony Parker, Pau Gasol, Manu Ginobili and all those who have come and opened the way for us a bit and have made this possible, « Rubio told the media in statements collected by the official website of the American league.

The base of El Masnou believes that this has caused the « much talent » that is « outside the United States » to be seen in European basketball or in South America that is coming to the NBA and « being great stars » such as Slovenian Luka Doncic (Dallas Mavericks).

On the restart of the league, the game director of Phoenix Suns He acknowledged that after overcoming the coronavirus and playing his first minutes on Sunday in more than four months, he felt « very good, » although he was « a little rusty. » « It will take some time (to be in his best shape), but we don’t have much. I’m fine, healthy and happy to be playing and trying to get to Friday in the best possible shape, » he said.

In this sense, he asked « to go step by step ». « You cannot jump steps because that is when injuries occur. The most important thing is to listen to your body, know what you can. It is an unknown situation, you cannot follow past examples and you do not have to expect anything immediately, it is better go step by step, « he warned.

« I am very excited to come back. The goal was to get physically and mentally well and to be ready to go back. I know it is a rare situation because we really couldn’t do a good preseason and then we have to play without fans, we have to adjust to everything, but I felt good. As I said, I’m going step by step, not one hundred percent, because physically I’m not there yet, but I want to get to Friday in the best way, « he added, facing the official return to the Washington Wizards.

Still, he knows that his team’s options are « difficult. » « But that’s what we’re here for, to do difficult things, » he said. « We have to know that we cannot make almost any mistake and even so we have to wait for other teams to lose, but we are here to improve day by day, so that this project will add up its little steps and that we achieve in the future what we want » , he claimed.

« We have a lot of potential, we have ‘Book’ (Devin Booker) who was ‘All-Star’ this year and took a big step forward, we have many young players, Dario (Saric) made great progress from when the season ended until now we have a young group that can take us to the next level and hopefully the playoffs soon, « he stressed.

· « What you miss most on campus is family »

However, he praised players like Mikal Bridges, from whom they expect « even more », from fellow director Cameron Payne, who « understands the game », and especially DeAndre Ayton. « He has been incredible, the way he has progressed, doing things that we did not think he needed, such as his shot of three to generate space and that will help us a lot. He came in great shape, he is a monster when it comes to running the court » , indicated on the number one of the ‘draft’.

Finally, blond He compared the campus that the NBA has organized at the Walt Disney World Resort as « to a World Cup or a European. » « But in reality it is totally different in the NBA. We are in the same hotel as other teams and we share 24 hours a day, » he said.

« What we miss the most is the family, it gets harder every day in my head. Mentally it will be hard for the teams to advance a few rounds to stay focused on winning the ring, » the Suns guard confessed.