“We have to be realistic, we lower our guard a bit”

Luis Suarez He continues with his particular quarantine after having tested positive for coronavirus in the return of the national team break. Atlético de Madrid striker was one more affected by the outbreak that affected the Uruguayan team, whose players were highly criticized as they had not complied with all the security measures against Covid.

The Uruguayan assumed responsibility for the players: «There are many people who are criticizing us, we made a mistake and we ask for forgiveness. You don’t have to make it so big either, you have to recognize it as far as we can. We will take charge if the responsibility was ours, “Suárez assumed in the Uruguayan program Punto Penal, who missed the game against Barcelona.

One of the biggest controversies was the photo in which Uruguayan players can be seen enjoying a barbecue without respecting social distancing. In it, Luis Suárez is seen with Lucas Torreira, an Atlético de Madrid player who also tested positive for coronavirus and is confined. However, Suárez does not consider that this meeting was the cause of the outbreak: «The contagion did not come from the photo, that is clear. We were unlucky to have someone infected from Colombia. Matías Viña’s positive was a very hard blow for the entire squad», He assured.

However, he acknowledged that they could have been more careful: «We lower our guard a bit but we have to be realistic, it is inevitable. May this serve for all young people and for all people that no one is immune. That we have to take care of ourselves beyond having you check up every day ». Finally, the forward spoke of how happy he is in Madrid: «Atlético Madrid’s dressing room has many similarities to that of the national team. I am enjoying a coach who is highly valued worldwide», He concluded.