Since a lot of concerts and festivals around the world had to be postponed and even canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have all become used to streaming shows. Throughout these months, many have been the artists who have resorted to this to touch and be close to their fans, but L’Impératrice came up with an idea that is completely innovative to turn this kind of presentation around.

It turns out that like many other bands worldwide, the French group had to cancel the tour they had on the door. However, they realized that thanks to the technology we have these days, They can give those presentations to all the fans who were left wanting to see them live and in full color..

Blessed technology: L'Impératrice will give a virtual tour and have a show in Mexico!

Photo: Gabrielle Riouah


That is why L’Impératrice decided to put together one of the first virtual tours so far in this quarantine. In a few days, They will be playing their hitazos full of good vibes in super special shows for different citiessuch as Los Angeles, New York, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Paris and many more.

As you may remember, the pop and disco group I had a presentation scheduled in our country, as part of the 2019 edition of the Ceremony festival, and to compensate all those who unfortunately will not be able to see them this 2020, On July 13, Mexico City will be able to experience a show by this bandota.

Blessed technology: L'Impératrice will give a virtual tour in the middle of the pandemic!Blessed technology: L'Impératrice will give a virtual tour in the middle of the pandemic!

Photo: Courtesy

In this concert, in addition to performing songs such as “Agitations Tropicales”, “Sonate Pacifique” and his most recent single, “Vodooo”, they will have a local band that will open the show, for what everyone who really connects feels like they are in a live performance of this grupazo and be part of one of the most incredible experiences that quarantine has brought us. Perhaps the only one.

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AND as we know they want to see L’Imperatrice (even in the comfort of their homes) At we want to give you some virtual tickets to be part of this unique concert, so they can have a tasty dance and be distracted for a little while. The dynamics will be very easy, all they have to do is follow the following steps to the letter:

1.- Follow Sopitas and SopitasFM on all your social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

2.- Share this note in your personal Twitter account and Tell us three songs from L’Impératrice that you would like to listen to next July 12. Mentions @Sopitas @SopitasFM and add the hashtag #LImperatriceXSopitas

3.- IEnter the league from the tweet from step 1 in this LINK and answer the following question: Which Australian band remixed L’Impératrice’s “Séquences” track? (THERE IS A TRACK THROUGH THEM). Don’t forget to always mention @Sopitas, @SopitasFM Besides of #LImperatriceXSopitas

And ready, That’s all you need to do to earn a ticket to see the L’Imperatrice virtual tour show in Mexico. Very simple, isn’t it?


– To participate, you must have liked Sopitas and SopitasFM on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
– The first people to follow the steps correctly, will be the winners.
– In addition to notifying the winners via email, we will put their names in this note.
– This dynamic starts on the afternoon of July 9 and ends on July 10 in the morning.
– Winners will be notified July 10 in the course of the afternoon.
– We reserve the right to not consider participants for suspicious or malicious practices.

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