“We have no doubt that they will continue with us”

06/11/2021 at 4:46 PM CEST

Bordalás is already preparing the project that will start with Valencia. The former Getafe coach already visited Paterna last Thursday and will soon have the first meeting – albeit virtual – with Peter Lim. With just over a month to go before the start of the campaign, the coach has already detailed the squad that will lead next season.

Carlos Soler and Gaya: two essential footballers in the Bordalás project

Despite the fact that there are necessary exits to secure the club financially, he is clear about the players who will continue in his team: “Carlos Soler and Gayà are Valencianists, they are our captains, they feel Valencia since they were in the cradle. We have no doubt that they will continue with us “, assured.

Contact with Peter Lim

The new Valencia coach has not yet met Lim. He will be one of the few who does not travel to Singapore. A meeting that will be held electronically due to the quarantine that the country currently obliges: “I have not spoken with Peter Lim in the next few days we have a meeting and we will talk and get to know each other. He is the largest shareholder, but we have a president who is Anil Murthy who I speak with him practically every day and with whom we have a very good connection and with whom I speak with him every day, “he explained.

The restructuring of Valencia

Bordalás is already devising the team he will lead, and it is assumed that there will be a reconstruction after one of the worst campaigns in its history: “Right now we are immersed in preparing the squad for next season. We agree on everything. I have spoken with three of the four captains of the squad and with more footballers and I have noticed them excited and that is very important “, confirmed.

One of the coach’s priorities is Arambarri: “It’s a magnificent player but at the moment We have not talked to him about the possibility of him coming to Valencia, “he commented. He also spoke about him on Radio Marca’s microphones:” Ángel Torres knows that I have a close relationship, but I have spoken with Arambarri to say goodbye and thank him“.

In addition, he also explained: “We are analyzing in detail the needs of the team, from there we will see what the market offers,” he added. “I know that the club will do everything possible to form a good squad. I can’t imagine a summer without signings. On the other hand, we are not going to give away players. From the first moment we are agreeing on everything related to the making the template with Anil and Crown“, ended.

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