We have misspelled Thandiwe Newton’s name for 30 years

It’s been 30 years since Thandiwe Newton made her film debut with ‘The First Experience’ alongside Nicole Kidman and Noah Taylor. In the credits someone misspelled his name, put Thandie instead of Thandiwe, and it has not been corrected so far, which the ‘Westworld’ actress has asked to be credited with her real name.

He has done so in an interview with British Vogue, in which he does not explain why it has taken so long to point out the error. What he has explained is that Thandiwe means “dear” in Shona and is pronounced “so-DEE-way”. “That is my name. That has always been my name. I am recovering what is mine,” he says.

Born Melanie Thandiwe Newton, the daughter of a Zimbabwean mother and a British father, she was born in London although she lived part of her childhood in Zambia until the unstable political situation convinced them to return to the United Kingdom. Newton has always been very involved with charities of various kinds, from supporting survivors of sexual violence in Congo to the Forum on African American Politics.

Thandiwe Newton’s Next Up

The winner of an Emmy for ‘Westworld’ and a BAFTA for ‘Crash’ has three titles pending: ‘Reminiscence’ with Hugh Jackman, which will arrive in the summer, ‘God’s Country’ by Julian Higgins, and ‘All the Old Knives ‘with Chris Pine, Laurence Fishburne and Jonathan Pryce. We are also waiting for the fourth season of ‘Westworld’, which does not have a release date yet.. But in all of them his name will appear very large in the credits, the real one: Thandiwe Newton.