“We have invested a lot of money, but it is not only that”

05/05/2021 at 12:21 AM CEST


Pep Guardiola, Manchester City coach, said at a press conference that they have invested a lot of money in recent years, but that the key to success “it’s not just that”. The Catalan coach appeared at a press conference after eliminating Paris Saint Germain 4-1 on aggregate in the semifinals of the soccer Champions League.

“We have invested a lot of money, but it is not only that. If people want to think that, fine, but there is a lot of work behind it. And that’s why in the last decade we have won five Premier League “Guardiola said. “This is the most difficult competition, because you face the best rivals. We deserve to be here and play the final “he added.

Guardiola also took a moment to remember the players who helped build this champion Manchester City and are no longer with the club. “I am very proud. The first thing I have thought about is those who are no longer there. David Silva, Vincent Kompany, Pablo Zabaleta “Guardiola pointed out.

Before, in ‘BT Sport’, Santpedor’s man assured that “PSG is a team that has eliminated Barcelona and Bayern, so this means a lot to us. They are great competitors, it is a team built to be there, but we kept our composure. “

The coach reached his third Champions League final, the first in ten years since leaving Barcelona. “People think it’s easy. They think about it because it happened in the past and they believe that now it has to happen every year. Being in the final it makes sense of what we have done in the last five years “, he claimed.

“This is the way this competition is. We won in the first leg because the ball hit an opponent’s arm. Today the VAR cancels a penalty for a wrong hand. This competition are details. United won a ‘Champions’ by a slip by Terry, Madrid won a ‘Champions’ in the 93rd minute, United came back in the discount … “, recalled Pep.” The stars are involved in this. It is decided by details, “he added.