“We have been up to the task”

06/08/2021 at 11:11 PM CEST

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Juan Miranda, debuting this Tuesday as an absolute Spanish international in the 4-0 victory against Lithuania, appreciated that the U21 team has been “at the height” in the meeting, He considered that it has been a “rare” premiere due to the circumstances that surround it and pointed out that it would be a “pride” to stay in the ‘parallel bubble’ that the team has created for Euro 2020.

“It is true that it is a rare debut for almost everyone, but we are very happy with the game we played. We have lived up to it and wait for more opportunities to come“, he explained to ‘TVE’ after the game and waiting to know which players from the sub’21 will stay to train with the absolute:” Every player likes to be with the best, it will be a pride who stays and enjoy it “.

The sub’21 call was organized in just a few hours last Sunday as a result of the positive for Covid-19 of Sergio Busquets and the consequent confinement of the rest of the summoned for Euro 2020. “It was a surprise, he caught me having dinner in Seville, luckily I was not traveling“he recalled.

“It is something new that we have to get used to because of the Covid issue and we hope that no more happens, because that is a sign that we are all well, that the absolute ones give all negative send a message to Busquets that he recovers as soon as possible that the Eurocup awaits him “he added.

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