“We have been a hair away from something big”

06/26/2021 at 6:51 PM CEST


Jorge Garbajosa, president of the Spanish Federation of basketball (FEB), He wanted to look for the positive side of the championship and declared that they had “been one hair short of doing something great.”

“It is a difficult day, very very complicated and I am left with the standing ovation of three or five minutes that they have dedicated from the stands. You cannot demand more of the players. Here you do not look for excuses, you look for reasons to try to do it better, “he said Garbajosa, who went down to the mixed zone to show his face.

“The truth is that the preparation for this championship has not been easy at all, with the positives we had, with the five days prior to the championship without being able to prepare it properly. No one has helped us, but I am left with the pride of this team” he added.

The president of the FEB She did not deny that “this is a setback, without a doubt, but something very great can be rebuilt starting from this spirit and the talent of the young players.” “I hope that that little bit of luck that has accompanied us in previous years returns. The only regret I have is for them, they have left their souls,” he stressed.

In conclusion, the top president of Spanish federative basketball pointed out that he had “the feeling that we are leaving with a slightly bad taste in our mouths.” “We have been a hair away from something big,” he concluded Jorge Garbajosa.

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