“We have a strange feeling,” says Nico Sánchez after a draw against Australia

Nico Sánchez was once again the Argentine hero in the second match of Los Pumas in the Rugby Three Nations. And it is that, the opening of the Stade Français again marked all the points of his team in the valuable draw (15-15) against Australia.

As a week ago in the historic victory against New Zealand (25-15), Sánchez took over the score of Los Pumas. This time all from a penalty, after against the All Blacks he achieved a try and 20 points with his foot.

Despite the tie and his leading role, Nico Sánchez acknowledged that his team must improve.

“We are left with a strange feeling. Despite having drawn a draw, we had little obtaining but we know that with Australia they are always stick and stick. We thought to play better, so we have to keep improving for next week. We have to keep building and learning from this game, “said Nico Sánchez, in statements provided by the Argentine Rugby Union (UAR).

“The protagonist was Australia, they attacked us and we tried to play at our own pace when we had the ball, which we hardly had. The most important thing was to be within range and not make the difference long,” added the Argentine hero.

– Ledesma, proud –

Mario Ledesma, the Argentine coach, also acknowledged that his team dropped a bit from the historic victory a week earlier against New Zealand.

“The first thing I have to say is that I am very proud of everyone. Of those who entered, those who did not play, the staff. It was not an easy week after last week’s emotional peak. Monday and Tuesday it was difficult and today we arrived tired and we were imprecise. It was a lot to ask them to make a similar effort again, “he said.

“Australia knew it, they wanted to capitalize and they wouldn’t let us accommodate ourselves. And with more luck, it wouldn’t have been fair, but we almost won it. We’re in the race and I’m very proud of what the guys did today spiritually,” added Ledesma.

“We started the second half with three penalties against, a yellow one and the boys continued to believe. We needed to put pressure on the scoreboard and when we scored the first three points we got closer. We have Nico who walks in the water. The team keeps us in the game, so I’m very happy and proud of the team, “concluded the Argentine coach.

– Matera trusts his team –

The critical speech also found an echo in the captain of the team, Pablo Matera.

“Today was not won, but we trust in what we do and in what we prepare in the week. The first half we were not as fine as the last game. Although not all moments are ours, we continue to trust our defense and in the that we have next to us. They attacked us all the first half and they only left with three points of difference “, affirmed the third line.

“Australia was what we expected. They play ball a lot and are dangerous. Out there we did not expect so many penalties against, but we never lowered our arms. The important thing is to play together the whole game and that when opportunities appear, we have dangerous players who they make a difference, “explained the captain.

On the Australian side, their captain Michael Cooper regretted not being more effective at the end to secure the victory.

“We tried to gain territory and I think we won that battle, but we weren’t able to convert in the second half and there was a certain lack of discipline on our side late in the game,” the Wallabies captain said.

“We tried to get on the scoreboard, but they did well in slowing down the pace of the game and putting men on the defensive line, so it was difficult to score. We played well with our feet, but it didn’t help us win.” completed the third Australian line.

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