“We have a great opportunity and we want to win the League”

06/02/2021 at 1:19 AM CEST

The Barça coach, Saras Jasikevicius, acknowledged that the match against Joventut came at a difficult time, but the concentration of his players stood out. “We were not very successful, but we were very serious,” said Saras satisfied by the victory despite where the team came from

“Now it’s time to rest a bit and prepare for the Badalona game. The truth is that it has been a hard blow for players like Hanga or Oriola, but They have come out with a very correct mentality, it makes me happy & rdquor ;, Saras said about his participation against Joventut

He also wanted to highlight the contribution of Bolmaro and Pau Gasol. “They are both playing at a great level. Bolmaro is amazing. You have to believe in people who have this mentality, how they strive, and it is good to trust a player like that, just like Pau, who is helping the team a lot & rdquor ;, he said. “He’s already in his rhythm & mldr; But what about Bolmaro, playing 25 minutes in the Final Four is very nice & rdquor ;, he assured

Stimuli for the 2-0

There are a lot of stimuli for 2-0 like a little rest. We have to learn that it would be important to win on Thursday, although the other team also plays, with experienced players. We have to be prepared and very serious & rdquor ;.

Regarding Hanga’s non-participation in the final, he said that “I assume everything, when you lose, losing a Euroleague like this is not bad.. It hurts crazy, but you also have to think about the types of players we have and on the court. If we can. You can talk about everything, but you have to think too & rdquor ;, he said.

Regarding his complaints about the refereeing of the final, he assured that “I have already spoken with the chief referee of the Euroleague. I told you what I thought. No one is going to give us back the title, he was angry. The video does not lie. We’ve done our job & rdquor ;, he said.

48 hours very hard

He acknowledged that the last 48 hours, back in Barcelona, ​​were “very tough, one of the hardest defeats of my career, also for the boys but they understand. This morning we were talking that this will end in two weeks, tWe have a great opportunity and we want to win the & rdquor; League, he said.

“You have to understand that this is going very fast, and we are facing a team with many weapons, of experienced and young players, and you have to put the ACB League mode immediately & rdquor ;, the Lithuanian finished.

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