“We feel cheated by the promoter”

On April 9, the Madrid City Council could seal the new block of protected housing of Mario Moreno Cantinflas, 35. And, as confirmed by the Urban Planning area to 20 minutes, this promotion of El Cañaveral does not have the first occupation license –What is now known as the Responsible Declaration–. It’s a must-have that the recent homeowners say they were unaware of when they signed on the home earlier in the year.

In December the delivery of houses began, but on February 9 – with most of them delivered – the City Council’s notice came: if in two months the construction company did not have the papers in order, the new owners should abandon the houses.

Now there is less than a week to date and the neighbors are “afraid”, because the promoter Roca has taken the case to court. This, as explained by a dozen neighbors to this medium, causes them even “more anxiety” because they say they are convinced that they will finally have to leave their homes. “And who knows when we can return. We feel cheated by the promoter “, they regret.

The City Council supports its version. According to his account to this newspaper, he is “waiting for the promoter to make the requested arrangements and to present the documentation.” In case of not receiving it, will issue the eviction order and initiate the procedure for the cessation of activity and occupation.

Meanwhile, a fortnight of families like José María’s or Eduardo’s They have already been living in their new houses for several weeks. Other couples like Patricia and Ángel, despite being owners, have decided not to enter until the matter is resolved. Of course, “we pay a mortgage and on top of that we live in my parents’ house,” says the young woman.

The situation of people like Silvia or Raúl is even worse. They have both met all payment deadlines for the past two years. “We only needed to sign the deed “, count. They stayed one step away from owning because the City Council’s notice came right after. “And of course, now we would be aware of the irregularities,” he says. That is why the case of these people is even more tricky: “I have paid for everything and I don’t even have the keys,” he laments. Each neighbor drags his personal story, but all of them join the same protest: “That the promoter deliver the paper; it’s just a piece of paper that doesn’t cost them money. “

However, Roca claims to have complied with all the demands of the City Council. The managing partner of the promoter, Carolina Roca, affirms to this means to have presented the Responsible Declaration up to three times. “Explain to me the reason for the eviction. I have already presented it three times, “he says. According to the person in charge, the fault lies with the municipal technicians, who “do not assume that they have ceased to have competence in the granting of licenses.”

It should be remembered that until a few months ago it became the Community. “They have not wanted to assume that reality and are giving their tail to not lose that power; the City Council has gone crazy,” insists Roca who does not give up on taking the issue through the courts.

The City Council awaits the papers, the promoter claims to have delivered them … and the neighbors live in maximum uncertainty. “This is a sinvivir” – says one -. “Yes, I don’t even sleep”, another responds.