We entered Disney Plus and these are the episodes available for Mexico and Latin America

This November 17 Disney Plus arrives in Latin America, we were able to enter the app and these is what there is of The Simpsons.

Great excitement and expectation has caused the launch of Disney Plus (Disney +) for all Latin America. But since the official announcement of his arrival there has always been a question without a firm answer: would all the episodes of The Simpson since the first day?

Unfortunately, for better or worse. We already have an answer to this great unknown. It will leave some more than satisfied and others less so.

It turns out that we were able to enter the app Disney Plus from Mexico before the start of November 17, 2020 and we were able to see how many episodes and seasons of The Simpsons there were. Here the details.

The Simpsons are on Disney Plus …

The headline above is technically true, but contrary to what I had answered the official support account of the streaming service There are no 600 episodes of the animated series.

There is a « Collections » section which lists what Disney Plus has at the moment regarding the Simpsons franchise and it is basically this:

The movie
Two animated shorts by Maggie
And two full seasons

The full seasons available for the moment, at least in Mexico and other Latin American markets is the 29 and 30.

Season 29 of The Simpsons has 21 episodes, while 30 reaches 23, giving a total of 52 chapters on Disney Plus.

The audio is available in Spanish with Latin dubbing. As well as that of Spain, in addition to English, Dutch, French, Italian and Portuguese.

The range of Subtitle it is wide equal. But by the nature of the season the classic voices are obviously not present.

It should be noted that this is the initial available Disney Plus offer and obviously the expectation is that the catalog will increase as time progresses.