Who has already started to get bored of being locked up in their houses? Although it’s the most conscious way to keep the coronavirus pandemic from growing, staying home for days can be a little tiring and boring. But you can be sure that you are not alone. Apparently, singer-songwriter Kesha has also reached that point of utter boredom. Fortunately or fortunately ?, he used his artist skills to shake off boredom and put together a new song about Nicolas Cage… Yes, he literally found his inspiration in the actor in The Legend of the Lost Treasure.

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The untitled song is a one-minute throwback to her pop days and lots of partying. Those from the distant 2010 when he released “Tik Tok” and “Cannibal”. The lyrics for this new song – which will surely never make it to Spotify – are inspired one hundred percent by Cage, such as: “I am a national treasure” and “Yes, do you think I am extra? I’m in something of Nicolas Cage ”. His attached video also offers various gifts for fans of the actor.

Like a psychedelic journey into the past, the video takes a journey through the actor’s film career. There we can see some scenes from his movies like Con Air, The Wicker Man, Leaving Las Vegas and, yes, the favorite of all National Treasure. As all the scenes that remind us of why Nicolas Cage is one of those actors loved by everyone (almost everyone), Kesha is seen singing “Nicolas Cage things”.

Today’s release is more than just Kesha screaming the name of a Hollywood icon; in fact, they already know each other and are presumably friends. In January, Kesha attended the premiere of Cage’s recent movie, The Color of Space, where the two posed together on the red carpet. She wrote on Instagram that knowing him “was everything”. Here we leave this song that we are not sure what to think about it …

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– kesha (@KeshaRose) March 24, 2020