The segment of lower cost in telecommunications has a new member after the premiere of Mobile Republic with its new cheap combinations of fiber and mobile, which arrives to compete with other brands that also bet on very tight prices such as Finetwork and Digi as main rivals, while complementing the offer of Amena, Lowi or Pepephone.

To know the differences and advantages of each brand, we will review the fine print of these offers in regards to phone service permanent, the coverage fiber, mobile coverage, permanence, and the most characteristic included benefits of each of the OMVs, which we will also summarize in a comparison.

Cheap fiber and mobile combo for less than 40 euros

Starting with the fiber and mobile combo, the absence of landline phone It is one of the main characteristics of the cheapest operators, highlighting Finetwork, República Móvil, Pepephone and Digi, although in the latter it is possible to add it optionally. Alone Amena includes landline phone in its fiber and mobile combination, with calls included to national landlines.

The compulsory stay is another of the great differences between operators, being non-existent in Pepephone and Finetwork (in the latter case in exchange for a registration cost of 45 euros), three months in República Móvil, Lowi, or 12 months in Amena, Digi and Finertwork if you don’t want to pay the registration fee.

Refering to fiber coverage, Lowi, Finetwork and Pepephone are available in 23 million homes, reaching all the places where Telefónica has its network deployed. In the case of Amena and República Móvil, their offers are available in approximately 16 million homes, although Amena can also contract with NEBA from Movistar for an additional charge of 3 euros per month. Digi, although it also accesses the fiber deployed by Telefónica, at the moment it only does so in some provinces.

On the use of CGNAT, is activated by default in finetwork, without the possibility of deactivating it, in Pepepephone, although it can be deactivated for free, and in Digi, whose deactivation implies a monthly charge of an additional 1 euro.

Of the rest of the advantages, the Free SMS Amena, Finetwork and Pepephone; the possibility of rack up the gigas not consumed in Amena, Lowi, Digi and Pepephone; the discounts on additional mobile lines available from Amena, Lowi, Finetwork and Pepephone; or the possibility of buying an installment mobile in Amena.

In terms of prices, Finetwork is one of the cheapest operators that can serve as a reference with its fiber to 100 Mbps and 12 GB on mobile for 29.90 euros, wave fiber at 300 Mbps and 24 GB for 24.90 euros. Of the operators with the faster fiber and with more gigabytes in the mobile, stand out Digi and República Móvil. All prices and conditions remain as summarized in the following graph:

Best Cheap Fiber Only Deals

In fiber-only deals, the lowest prices for 100, 300 and 600 Mbps meet finetwork between 19.90 and 29.90 euros, followed by 100 Mbps for 25 euros from República Móvil and 500 Mbps from Digi for 30 euros. The rest of the conditions are identical to those seen in the previous section, and are summarized in the following: