“We close the first and open the last”

On Friday, February 19, ‘Got Talent Spain’ broadcast its sixth round of auditions, in which Risto Mejide, Edurne and Dani Martínez received and evaluated new contestants. Among them was Pavel Bertini, a man who He had had to change his vocation for the circus to work as a pizza maker, after the closure of the circuses due to Covid-19.

Pavel, during his time on ‘Got Talent 6’

Bertini was introduced to the Telecinco format, where he recognized that it was « a great opportunity to go back to doing what I love. » « The circus is a cultural work, we were one of the first shows to close and we will be one of the last to open due to the Covid problem », declared the contestant, on stage, after which he pointed out that « that’s why I had to change jobs to continue with life, with three children. » « The pandemic has meant a total life change. From performing in the circus doing unicycle, skates, trapeze, I have passed to deliver pizzas », declared Pavel who, after his performance, confessed that he was part of the « third generation « dedicated to her family’s circus, and » the fourth is coming, « represented by » my six-year-old daughter. « 

This situation would have been very difficult for him, since « it is not something that you are passionate about. » « This is what I had to do, because I have a large family, » explained the contestant, who related how, « with a little savings, we have endured and, when things calmed down a bit, we started looking for work. Luckily, I managed to find one.  » « We are having a bad time, really », Bertini concluded, before showing his talent on stage, with unicycles, not only performing different risky movements, but also changing from a unicycle to a higher one. A change that generated a lot of tension and even some other shout among those present, since Pavel was very close to losing his balance and falling off the stage.

A passion since childhood

« I think the guy has taken out all the frustration for being so many months without being able to do what his passion is », said Santi Millán, when he concluded the number, after which Martínez joked with the possibility of calling Pavel the next day « so that you can bring me a pizza, because I suppose you will do it like that », and later highlight the « great risk » had shown during « unicycle changes ». « I imagine that when you learned this, some or other fall had. I have suffered and I have had a very bad time and I am glad that it turned out well »Edurne declared, to which Pavel pointed out that he had been practicing since childhood. On Risto’s turn, the judge stressed that it was a « very circus » number, although he clarified the importance that « ‘the most difficult still’ has to be climbed well. » « That last change you should have made in front of everyone. If I see it here, I suffer as with the others, » said the Barcelona man, who for that reason gave a « no » to the contestant, unlike his two companions.