At Mugello it was the gravel that set the track limits for the drivers

Drivers prefer gravel to asphalt loopholes

Michael Masi, the FIA ​​race director, has ruled out that gravel can be used at all Grands Prix to set track limits.

During the Grand Prix of Tuscany no track limits were defined, the gravel of the circuit acted as police. This track model convinces most drivers, but the FIA ​​race director has stated that the characteristics of some circuits prevent them from being surrounded by gravel.

We can’t have gravel everywhere. It is not that one thing is worth everything. As I have said several times, we need to find the right solutions with each of the owners and operators of the circuit and we will continue with that. We have already discussed it with the drivers, “Masi said in a statement to the British magazine Autosport.

The pilots, for their part, are in favor of the gravel loopholes. “I think it’s great to see gravel loopholes again. It’s likely to give the FIA ​​some confidence that these kinds of loopholes work to safeguard the track boundaries and all those problems that we have at other circuits, so it was good to see them, “said Sainz.

Sebastian Vettel has positioned himself along the same lines. “As a driver, you prefer the fact that going off the track is a penalty,” said Sebastian Vettel, President of the GPDA.

“Maybe we can come up with a compromise, like first having a gravel strip that makes it pointless to go off and then having asphalt to have less loopholes and make the fans closer to the track, that would make it safer. for us as it would slow down the cars if we lose control or whatever. It is not an easy matter, “said the four-time champion to finish.

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